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Music Review (Tamil): Kayal

Music Review (Tamil): Kayal
Music Composer: D Imman

         Kayal opens with melancholy track Yengirundhu vandhaayo penned by yugabharathi rendered in pitch perfect manner by ever reliable Shreya Goshal. Imman's proclivity towards violin is apparent by the deftness in handling the first interlude and towards the end.Composer mixes the tabla and particularly high pitched flute solos to set the mood of the song. Another slow killer song Yenga Pulla Irukka with grand piano orchestration garnished with mellifluous flute, soothing violins, enchanting chorus portions and culminates with increased tempo. Balram impeccable and lucid rendition adds value to the yugabharathi lyrics. Unna ippa paakanum, fast paced melody starts with catchy guitar adorned by brass section in first interlude, percussion and occasional chimes. Overall Imman's arrangement is top notch and singers Haricharan and Vandana Srinivasan (bad that only Imman and GVP recognises her) sounds pleasing as always.

            Yen aala Paaka Poren, mellow duet arranged neatly with soft guitar in prelude trailed by ghatam and surprise aalaap by K G Ranjith in the latter half makes this song enticing. Imman's tune is cakewalk for Shreya Goshal and lady aces it in her own way. Haricharan is on a roll this year and in second track in kayal, Paravaya parakurom too he excels in singing. Imman's arrangement with impressive drums throughout the song, violin parts, ghatam, subtle guitar and other sounds easily surpasses the passable tune. Prabhu solomon soundtrack is incomplete without a countryside folk song but Deeyalo Deeyalo is not as captivating as Prabhu-Imman's previous track record in this genre. However eclectic sounds with clarinet and other sounds by Imman is enticing. Orathanadu Gopu sounds apt for this genre.Soundtrack's final Koodave varamaathiri with minimal orchestration and Aaromale hangover is apparent may be because of high pitched singing by the same lead singer Alphons Joseph.

Verdict: Prabhu Solomon-Imman combo scores hat-trick with Kayal and Imman gives one of the best soundtrack of 2014. Imman's orchestration is neat without overshadowing the lyrics which is rare among the contemporary music scenario.

My rating: 8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Yenga Pulla irukka, Unna ippa paakanum, Yengirundhu vandhaayo, Yen aala Paaka poren.

You can listen to the songs

1) Yenga Pulla irukka -

2) Unna ippa paakanum -

3) Yengirundhu Vandhaayo  -

4) Yen Aala Paaka Poren -

5) Paravaya Parakurom -

6) Deeyalo Deeyalo -

7) Koodave Varamaathiri -

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