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Music Review (Updated) - 2018

To make music reviews more noticeable and easy to navigate each review, thought will classify each review as follows based on the rating in my blog
BA - less than 7 (Below Average Album)
A - less than 8 (Average Album)
AA - less than 9 (Above Average Album)

Music Review (Tamil): Junga

Music Review (Tamil): Junga
Music Composer: Sidddharth Vipin

Rise of Don is a mishmash of pretty average rap portions and Suraj Jagan's fatigue singing doesn't help much. Rockstar Ramani Ammal's debut makes this song interesting to look forward, but the respite is short lived. The arrangements are strictly functional prodded by familiar brass sections and the Junga chorus helps the song to a certain extent.Amma Mela Sathiyam starts with the laborious Telugu verses and the subsequent Tamil portions don't help either. The absurd lyrics mixing Tamil and Telugu which in some instances turns out to be hilarious listen. Jagadeesh's spirited singing aside, the track has very little to offer to the listeners.

Parrys to Paris buoyant tune with the backdrop of European'esque arrangements which hardly fails and the piece de resistance of the track is undeniably Kalpana Raghavendar's operatic singing. Anthony Daasan's rustic vocals for the vaudevillian track makes an interesting combination. Siddharth Vipin ensures that arrangements are pretty neat and engaging.Lolikiriya is another tiresome listen which rides on the hackneyed brass sections and silly lyrics. The tune hardly has any interesting element and Marana Gaana Viji's singing is another weak point. It's unfortunate that Nakash Aziz's vocals are relegated to the similar kind of tracks in Tamil and Telugu.Koottipo Koodave which was released earlier as a single is the only track which works as a complete package. Siddharth Vipin's simple tune dominated by synth backgrounds adorned with the pleasant chorus. Sathyaprakash's fine vocals with ample support from Ranina Reddy makes this one an enjoyable listen especially the catchy title hook by the singer.The short Makkal Selvan Fans song is the random mix of kuthu and hard rock spearheaded by Suraj Jagan's sprightly singing.

Verdict: Siddharth Vipin's collaboration with Gokul is an underwhelming album except for the single Koottipo Koodave.

My Rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Koottipo Koodave, Parrys to Paris

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Music Review (Tamil) : Kadaikutty Singam

Music Review (Tamil) : Kadaikutty Singam
Image result for kadaikutty singam imagesMusic Composer: Imman

Sandakkari has Imman's stamp all over it, starting from the punctuating percussion rhythms and the sweeping string section in the interludes. Yugabharathi continues to pen easily accessible lyrics and the hackneyed tune which has been tried and tested umpteen number of times by the composer itself. Vandana Srinivasan's singing and the mesmerising charanam portions by the singer makes this one passable listen.Imman ensures that Kaalai theme is filled with stupendous energy propped up by punchy percussions and the energetic chorus. Composer infused few engaging Nathaswaram solos amidst the celebratory brass sections and the theme track surely enrich the mass moments on screen.

Thandora Kannaala starts off with an exotic flute and Santoor solos but nose-dived into composer's famous territory which relies on the trite rhythm sections. V V Prasanna salvages the languishing tune with his involved singing. The highlight of the song is an undeniably interesting twist in the second interlude with the soft rock sound accompanied by wonderful chorus and Yugabharathi's relatable lyrics invoking 'wire koodai' , Thandora etc.Vaa Jikki has an uncanny resemblance to Soi Soi and the composer didn't give enough time for the listeners to comprehend about the similarities because of the raw energy the track infuses. However, the track is pretty average and appears to be the hodgepodge of random tunes. Imman sung with enough verve.

Sengathire gains a lot from the Pradeep Kumar's nuanced singing of the classical-tinged tune and the singer's improvisations works like charm. especially in the charanam portions. Imman sets the gloomy tone with the reverberating flute solos and brilliant veena sections in the interludes.

Verdict: Imman's confined soundscape for the rural flicks turns out to be exhausting listen and it's high time for the composer to revamp his style.

My Rating:6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Sengathire, Sandakkari

P.S You can listen to the songs in  Saavn.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Music Review (Telugu): Sammohanam

Music Review (Telugu): Sammohanam
Music Composer: Vivek Sagar

Oohalu Oorege Gaalantha's breezy romantic ballad tune with the tinge of retro mood makes the listeners easily to fall in love with the song. Haricharan rocks the tune with his splendid rendition especially mesmerising playful anupallavi which starts with Saala Pathadhiga while Vivek Sagar's top notch arrangements highlighted by brilliant bass line and banjo work by the composer himself. Srivennela Sitharama Sasthry's poetic verses blends with the dreamy tone of the song. Manasainadedo is the typical pop material with the mild hypnotic rhythm and the songs gets better with the help of engaging interludes and the composer's involved singing. The minimally arranged background sounds and the Charanam portions makes this one passable listen despite filled with customary chorus portions.

The album's towering highlight O Cheli Thaara is also crooned by Haricharan and he is one of the singer who gets to sing beautiful song in both Tamil and Telugu. The arrangements and the interludes especially the classical sounds in the first interlude are the winner from the talented composer Vivek Sagar.Vivek Sagar ends with another blissful serene song Kanulalo Thadiga and the prelude guitar notes takes me instantly to Rahman's Avalum Naanum from Accham Enbadhu Madamaiyada. Nevertheless, Vivek Sagar aces this song with the beautiful guitar laden background and Chaitra Ambadipudi's amazing rendition.

Verdict: After Yuddham Sharanam, Vivek Sagar comes up with another brilliant album in Sammohanam. Vivek Sagar continues to impress with each of his album and the composer aces in delivering tunes with tinge of classical sounds.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Oohalu Oorege Gallantha, O Cheli Thaara, Kanulalo Thadiga.

P.S You can listen to the songs in Youtube.


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Music Review (Telugu): Rajugadu

Music Review (Telugu): Rajugadu
Music Composer: Gopisundar
Rabbaru Buggala Ramachilaka's monotonous sound has very little to offer except for the Vedala Hemachandra's vocals and the catchy title hook. Hemachandra's pedestrian lyrics also doesn't help the staggering tune. Arere Arere is another mediocre tune made passable by an engaging flute solos and Sai Charan's energetic vocals. Gopi Sundar's trademark tunes Rendu Kallu Ninda and Sarasaku Ra work magically. The songs have Gopi Sundar's stamp all over it. The former song is filled with lavish violin portions while Ramya Behara gets to croon magical charanam verses. Though Sarasuku's prelude portions are middling, Mohana Bhogaraju's whispery vocals make this one an worthy listen. The anupallavi has an unremarkable similarity to the composer's Paravasame from Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu. However, the song is an incredibly enjoyable listen from the composer. Gopi Sundar rounds up the soundtrack with the festive celebratory song Devatalara Devatalara and the track fizzles out sooner after an engaging start.

Verdict: Gopi Sundar turns out to be too predicatble and uninteresting in his latest Raju Gadu.

My Rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Sarasuku Ra, Rendu Kallaninda 

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn

Music Review (Hindi): Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

Music Review (Hindi): Bhavesh Joshi Superhero
Music Composer: Amit Trivedi
Amit Trivedi channels his Udtaa Punjab mode in Hum Hain Insaaf and the songs works despite being the lingering hangover form the soundscape to Babu Haabi and Naezy's vocals. The rap portions work brilliantly and the title hook is adequately catchy stuff from the composer. Chavanprash's soundscape and the average tune is prodded by Divyakumar's splendid vocals. However, the song fizzles out sooner and turns out to be monotonous listen even though few nifty guitar riffs by Sanjoy Das. Amit Trivedi reserved the best song of the soundtrack to himself. Tafreeh works magically with the steady progressing tune and the hypnotic rhythm adds charm to the beautiful tune. Look out for the brilliant mixing in the interludes and Amit Trivedi aces the singing part effectually. The composer ends the track with the punctuating rock sound lead by Rhythm Shaw's fabulous guitar solos. Amit Trivedi delivers another winner with the serene tuned Qasam Kha Ali and once again the enchanting rhythm along with Papon's magical vocals makes this one works. 

Verdict: Though the soundtrack falls few notches below the Vikramaditya Motwane-Amit Trivedi combo, two tracks standout in this Amit Trivedi's latest album.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Tafreeh, Qasam Kha Ali, Hum Hain Insaaf

P.S: You can listen to the songs in Youtube.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Music Review(Tamil): Goli Soda2

Music Review(Tamil): Goli Soda2
Music Composer: Achu Rajamani

Pondatee, seems to be the kind of music churned out by Leon James and the peppy breezy tune sung by the composer Achu itself. The guitar-laden track is listenable and the arrangements are adorned by Ranjith's Sitar in the first interlude. Though Mani Amuthavan's lyrics sound force fitted, Achu's singing and Buoyant tune make this one listenable.Kelambu is the hackneyed anthemic rousing grungy track with the hardly memorable tune and apart from Steve's effectual guitar score, the track has little to offer. Deepak, Mahalingam, Jitin Raj and Sreeraj deliver fine within the limited scope of the tune. The track relies largely on the punchy percussions and few nifty guitar solos.Yaaro Vandhu is another track sung by the composer itself and the short melancholy track fails to stick to the listeners. The track is mostly situational one and gains a lot from the pensive lyrics.

Kannamma is on the lines of Pondatee where the breezy tone of the song and the stylish rendition by the string of singers lead by Praveen and Nishitha Menon. The interludes with the iPad synth are extremely catchy stuff which flows in tandem with the overall tone of the song. Achu ends the soundtrack with the racy theme track led by effectual Gautham Vasudev Menon's voice over. The theme track is loaded with the techno synthesised sounds which gives the haunting soundscape for the thriller.

Verdict: Golisoda 2 is definitely better soundtrack than it's prequel but the album lacks instant catchy songs. despite occasional brilliance from the talented composer.

My Rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Kannamma, Pondattee

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.