Saturday, February 28, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Yevade Subramanya

Music Review (Telugu): Yevade Subramanya
Music Composer: Radhan & Ilayaraja

Beautiful Zindagi, a la mode cool optimistic song in the exciting vocals of Nikitha Gandhi bolstered by funky sounds, superb guitar strums throughout the song along with the chorus. Now its sort of trend to mix Sitar amidst rocky sounds and Idhera too follows the template, nevertheless fully enjoyable track in Mohit Chauhan's voice.Occasional whistling reminds me the song from Enakkul Oruvan by Santosh Narayanan. Nuvvu Nuvvu Kadhu has typical party track tune wise, but Radhan spruced the ordinary tune with engaging instruments like trumpet, Nadhaswaram in the middle of electronic sounds. Oh Kala, another arresting melody with waltzy sounds, Symphonic Orchestrations and grand Piano sounds joined by superb violin-Tabla combo in the second Interlude. Harini's pitch perfect dreamy rendition for this wonderful melody accentuated the mood of the song to another level. Title Track Yevade subramanya is also another typical  racy song with electronic sounds mixing (Harmonium touch in the prelude is nice though) and sung with enough ebullience by Ramy. Challa Gaali Thakuthunna is a rehash of Ilayaraja's yesteryear beautiful composition and still tune sounds pleasant as ever that is the special magic of Ilayaraja songs. Ilayaraja modernised the orchestration with beautiful piano sounds and trendy violin towards the end. Though singers Senthil & Rihitha done a commendable job, didn't match the original's Ilayaraja voice.

Verdict: Radhan delivered another wonderful album with both melodies and fast-paced songs after super hit Andhala Raksashi.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Oh Kala, Challa Gaali Thakuthunna, Idhera, Beautiful Zindagi

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Ayirathil Iruvar

Music Review (Tamil): Ayirathil Iruvar
Music Composer : Bharadwaj

Ammane Ammane, has lyrics of the conventional Amman song but Bharadwaj gave different treatment for the arrangement and sound which is pleasant to hear unlike typical loud garish stamped Amman songs.Manga Peesula Manga is faux- Kuthu styled song where both Aravind- Deepika voices are sweet and instruments through slowed down but arrangements are corny. Ponna Pathi Sollava has likeable tune especially prelude portions with middle eastern touches in arrangement, prolific Karthik behind the mic but lyrics are cheesy and mediocre. Thirunelveli Thirunelveli is short and nothing new to offer with synthesized electronic sounds. In Unnai Enni, Bharadwaj touches are apparent, beautiful tune directly takes us back to his heydays along with sweeping orchestration throughout the song and MK Balaji vocals also enticing. Yelay by initial prelude thought as carnatic electronic fusion but song turns into unusual package from the processed voice of Sreedevi and Bharadwaj behind the vocals. Tune is likeable in some portions and flute bits are awfully interspersed among other motley of sounds. Yen Uyirey is short romantic solo rides mainly on vocals of the female lead.

Verdict: Bharadwaj always delivers his best for Saran and Ayirathil Iruvar is no different Bharadwaj's best in recent times but nowhere close to combo's gems Parthen Rasithen or Gemini.

My rating:7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Unnai Enni, Yelay, Ponna Pathi Sollava

Friday, February 20, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Pencil

Music Review (Tamil): Pencil
Music Composer: G V Prakash Kumar

Kangalile has Javed Ali and Shreya Goshal on board to deliver romantic duet and singers are pitch perfect in their rendition despite tune is languishing one except for some occasional brilliancy displayed in the arrangements like interludes. Shreya Goshal sounds like Saindhavi mostly because of huskier voice. Yaarai Polum illa Neeyum starts off with energetic pop rock prelude and kept the momentum till the end however much engaging tune might have bolstered the song to another level. G V Prakash scores much better as a singer than composer in his recent albums. Songs another EDM mix version is uncalled-for however party lovers can try this others can simply skip this track. Why machi Why is mandatory school themed song which is drab and tedious listen even arrangements fizzles after initial one minute. Hope quirky visuals might help the song. Led Kannala is another mundane gaana track even Harihara Sudhan and Maalavika Sundar can't help this track after certain time.

Verdict: GV Prakash started to concentrate more on his acting career than composer results in another fiasco in the form of Pencil soundtrack.

My rating:6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Kangalile, Yaarai Polum illa Neeyum

Music Review (Hindi) : NH10

Music Review (Hindi) : NH10
Music Composer: Sanjeev Darshan, Ayush Shrestha, Savera Mehta, Samira Koppikar, Bann Chakraborty

         Multicomposer album NH10 opens with Sanjeev Darshan's Chhil Gaye Naina, grungy rock based number sung by Baby doll fame Kanika Kapoor and its good that she was offered tune which is variant from her routine previous two songs. However tune wise opening song is an ordinary affair except for some peculiar arrangements and proclivity towards classical bit by Dipanshu Pandit. Main Jo by Ayush Shrestha and Savera Mehta is peppy engaging song with Guitars,Saxophone and slight double bass touch rules the arrangements. Singing by female lead Nayantara Bhatkal is rhythmic and sing along mainly because of her childish voice, tune and also occasional clap sounds. Composer's next one in the soundtrack is Kya Karein, another whispery singing by Rachel Varghese and instruments too in tandem with the mood of the song. Maati Ka Palang is another song which is rich in arrangements- fusion of rock guitar, drums, Sitar and tablas. Excellently composed and sung by Samira Koppikar.

        Bann Chakraborty's  Le Chal Mujhe comes almost in 4 variants. Last time I enjoyed the 4 variants of the same song is Raabta from Agent Vinod. Male version by Papon opens up with majestic piano solo build around the waltzy drum sound in the background throughout the song along with chorus infused throughout the song. Highlight of the song is the second interlude, mix of sitar and Tabla followed by rocky guitar. Shipa Rao's female version is more lethargic than its male counterpart and composer kept arrangements intact. It's reprise version goes minimal reduced the guitar portions, chorus and rides heavily on piano notes and Arijith Singh's soulful rendition. Khoney De is Lechal Mujhes's jazz variant by Mohit Chauhan and Monali Thakur's. Original version's guitar is replaced wonderful jazzy piano and icing on the cake is husky Monali Thakur's voice. However chorus portions are little offbeat didn't gel well with low of the song.

Verdict: NH10 multicomposer soundtrack with each composer churned out their best and gave overall good enjoyable album.

My rating:8/10

Pick of the Album: Main Jo, Maati Ka Palang, Le Chal Mujhe (male), Khoney De

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Music Review (Hindi): Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Music Review (Hindi): Dum Laga Ke Haisha
Music Composer: Anu Malik

          Title song has Nooran sisters in the credit list, their second track after stellar debut in Highway expects one for the engaging listen but tune is perfunctory and typical Punjabi track which lacks enough punch to hold the listeners despite earnest effort from Kailash Kher and Nooran sisters. Tu is conventional 90's song in every possible way be it humming by yesteryear singer Kumar Sanu or whistling and arrangements too. Tu will be loved by the fans who are longing for classic retro song. Sunder Susheel is another song where Anu Malik scores well in arrangements using Sarangi, Percussion instruments and some brass section. However tune is tepid one despite enthusiastic singing by Malini Awasthi and Rahul Ram. Malini Awasthi got some funny lyrics part. Dard Karaara, similar to Tu throws us back in time to 90's and the feel kept intact by lead singers Kumar Sanu and Sadhana Sargam. Tune also is enjoyable in this track. Soundtrack's pièce de résistance Moh Moh Ke Dhaage comes in two version. Papon and Monali Thakur in their respective versions is pitch perfect with their vocals. Anu Malik wovens the brilliant tune with engaging flute and  Shenai bits throughout the song. Final song of the soundtrack, Prem's theme is Papon's show all the way backed by guitar strums.

Verdict: Veteran Anu Malik's Dum Laga Ke Haisha is intentionally given 90's feel however Moh Moh Ke Dhaage salvages the soundtrack. 

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (both versions), Prem's theme

Friday, February 6, 2015

Music Review (Kannada) : Vaastu Prakaara

Music Review (Kannada) : Vaastu Prakaara
Music Composer: V Harikrishna

Besara Kaatara is typical Harikrishna's romantic song in the vocals of his usual associate Sonu Nigam and he aces as usual in singing despite templatized orchestration which Hari uses many times in his previous songs. Kabaddi Kabaddi is short punchy song fends without leaving much impact. In Menage Naaku moole rides mainly on the alluring interludes and spirited singing of an enchanting tune by Tippu. Vaastu Prakaara seems to be an election song dominated by reciting funny lyrics interspersed with languishing song portions by rendered by V Harikrishna. Simply met her has an appealing European flavour in arrangements using guitar, accordion bits and drums but Harikrishna's laid back rendition which is not half interesting as orchestration makes this mediocre song. Bidalle, melancholy song rides high on Vijay Prakash's immaculate singing  and HariKrishna kept the orchestration minimal with engaging veena portion in the second half.

Verdict: V Harikrishna's albums nowadays is templatized like Harris Jayaraj in Tamil although still his melodies are listenable.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Besara Kaatara, Bidalle, Simply met her

Movie Review (Tamil) : Yennai Arindhaal

Movie Review (Tamil) : Yennai Arindhaal

Yennai Arindhaal is Goutham Menon's third outing in his sequence of cop films after Kaaka Kaaka and Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu. Characterizations too traverse along the same path as those previous films like Jyothika as a divorcee with a child is replaced by Trisha as Hemanika. Protagonist proposes to Trisha and dialogues about raising Trisha's child throws light on upper middle class family's mindset and approval was given by baby Anikha with her emotions. Her emotions speak a lot in some of the well scripted scenes and montage sequences in the song unakenna venum sollu and Idhayathai Edho ondru.

Performance wise Ajith as Sathya dev traverse from 13 year boy, gangster, tough cop to caring father and it's Ajith show throughout the film. Another strong character is movie's antagonist Arun Vijay who enters large screen after a long hiatus and makes us awestruck with his performance and characterization too strong similar to Kaaka Kaaka's Pandiyan. Both leading actress Trisha and Anushka looks ravishing and marks their presence in short memorable characters. Another good thing in Goutham Vasudev menon's movies is portrayal of women and most of his women characters will be independent and practical. Grace and elegance of the heroines in Menon movies is accentuated mainly by their appealing costumes designed by Anu vardhan. Vivek evokes laughter with his one liners without interrupting the pace of the movie.

Screenplay is lethargic in first half and jam packed in second half. Some well made action sequences like climax chase between Arun Vijay and Ajith, while Ajith reveals himself as cop in the first half is highlight. On the technical side movie has brilliant cinematography by Dan Macarthur and picturization of Unakenna Venum Sollu is highlight among the songs. Maya Bazzar picturisation is little disappointment as dubstep portion in the song is removed and transition also not smooth. BGM by Harris Jayaraj with screeching guitars and drums is commendable although in action sequences sounds are bit jarring.

Overall Yennai Arindhaal is good watch for Ajith's and Arun Vijay's performances although director gave predictable treatment similar to his previous movies.