Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Music Review (Tamil): Sketch

Music Review (Tamil): Sketch
Music Composer: Thaman

Kanave Kanave song has the mandatory Thaman's usual extreme processing of vocals and Vikram's voice is made more amibale and pleasant for the melody. The arrangements are breezy enough to lift the pleasant and vaguely familiar tune. The chorus tune and the strawberry kanna hook is a catchy stuff from the composer. Atchi Putchi is the garish mix of Aaluma Doluma and Thaman unleashed his percussion hook from his Telugu repertoire. Thaman easily scores in Cheeni Chillale where the beautiful melody is elevated by delightful mix of sounds in the background lead by Kamalakar's flute. Swetha Mohan's pitch perfect rendition is ably supported by Yazin Nizar. Dhaadikaara is a typical Thaman song where the loung'ish feel in the tune is complemented by Andrea's husky vocals while the minor grouse is Sudha Raghunathan's vocals are simply relegated to Dhaadikaara title hook. Thaman reserves the best to the final song in the soundtrack Vaanam Thooramalle where the enjoyable classical tinged melody is sung effectually by Deepak Subramanian  while Thaman kept the arrangements minimal and thrown few brilliant synth surprises in the interludes. Sashaa Tripathi's late entry towards the second half makes this one an easily much addictive song in the soundtrack and the singer's improvisations are absolutely delectable one.

Verdict: Thaman brings back his earlier days mojo in Sketch and the enchanting melodies works like charm.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Vaanam Thooramalle, Cheeni Chillale, Kanave Kanave

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.