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Music Review (Telugu): Mosagaalluku Mosagaadu

Music Review (Telugu): Mosagaalluku Mosagaadu
Music Composer : Manikanth Kadri

Mosagaalluku Mosagaadu, typical party track which is passable and predictable at best. Baba Sehgal's lively vocals make this pedestrian track listenable. Navaadai song starts with quirky ear-friendly sound and Manikanth used that sound sporadically throughout the song effectually. Chinmayi and Nakul Abhyankar splendid in their vocals and especially Chinmayi bolstered the tune well. Hello Hello with its rhyming lyrics has rock base adorned with other hodgepodge techno sounds and partially working tune. Oho Sundari has an enticing tune and also instantly catchy orchestration with harmonium and dhols sounds blended well with guitar- drums combo. Remix of Oho Sundari accentuates foot tapping factor in the song which results in enjoyable listen especially processed female vocals towards the end. Ramaaya Raamabhadraya, serene devotional song, only grouse being too short. Call for Mosagallaku is short theme track which starts off in an enticing manner but again mired into a typical track.

Verdict: Mosagaalluku lacks an arresting melody or enjoyable track in the album. Disappointing soundtrack when compared to composer's saavari 2 (Kannada album)

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Navaadai, Oho Sundari, Ramaaya Raamabhadraya 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Music Review (Hindi): Bombay Velvet

Music Review (Hindi): Bombay Velvet
Music Composer: Amit Trivedi

Amit Trivedi opens up his jazzy soundtrack in high with Aam Hindustani, and the track has nearly 3 minutes long prelude itself. Before Shevali Alvares confident vocals begins, Amit welcomed to his era using soothing clarinets followed by celebratory Jazzy elements thrown generously using trumpets. trombones and keys. Shefali is having great time crooning this number and particularly loved the 'hichki' sound in the middle.Amits ends the 9-minute long track again in the high with enough support from Shefali. Neeti Mohan opens her account in inebriated style with Mohabbat Buri Bimari (version 2) and initial prelude drums reminiscent of whiplash movie. This song has an accessible tune and level of the song is totally accentuated by spirited rendition of Neeti Mohan. Once again in the arrangements jazz flavours dominates with enough support from double bass and string sections. Mohabbat Buri Bumari (version 3) has everything from lyrics to arrangements kept intact as in version 2 except for coarse rendition by Shefali and she did equally good as Neeti Mohan. Mohabbat Buri Bimari's version 1 remixed by Mikey Mcleary and Shalmali Kholgade behind the mic. Shalmali's fangled rendition suits this song ver well and like her singing than the other two singers, however jazzy sound created by Mikey is a bit more jarry compared to rhythmic version of Amit.

Neeti Mohan got whooping five solo songs in the album and she shines in each one of them. Ka Kha Ga Gha (starting four alphabets in Hindi and Kudos to Amitabh Bhattacharya for filling this in beautiful way in lyric. Thanks Bollymeaning). is another engaging melody crooned with perfection by Neeti and Amit owns the song with splendid combination of brass ansd keys. Dhadaam Dhadaam seems to be melancholy while both Neeti and Amit brings the feel in singing and arrangements respectively. Strings, key sections and occassional clarinet solos complements the mood of the song. Amit played down the jazz elements minimal while rising the tempo towards the end. Naak Pe Gussa's Jazz elements sporadically rides high while Neeti's singing seems to be extension of Dhadaam Dhadaam. Amit brings back his boisterous play of trumpets and trombones in Sylvia. Once again Neeti rules the track with enough support from backing vocals towards the end. Occassional bongos amidst celebratory jazzy sounds is nice touch from the composer. Nethi Mohan ends her contribution to the album with Behroopia which is contemporary compared to other songs in the soundtrack.She gets ample support from another co-singer Mohit Chauhan and song is quite Amit Trived'ish although lovely melody from the composer. Trumpet rules the song in the arrangements. 

Shefali Alvares returns in the soundtrack with Shut Up and liked the peppy upbeat brass sections in the background than her rendition At some places her rendition goes overboard and ends in jarring note. Darbaan is the only solo track by male playback singer in the album and Papon delivers it well in engaging manner. Once again trumpet steals the show and minute long trumpet in the second interlude is brilliant. Bombay Velvet theme has nothing to offer for initial one and half minutes but the interplay between brass sections and guitars in the midway is awesome. Tommy gun reminds birdman soundtrack and it is appealing among the instrumental tracks. Conspiracy is also engaging enough especially for its sweeping string sections.

Verdict: Anurag Kashyap brings out best although confined only in jazz genre from Amit Trivedi after their stupendous album Dev D. Bombay Velvet is Amit's answer to Birdman/Whiplash.

My rating: 9.5/10

Pick of the Album: Mohabbat Buri Bhimari(version 2), Aam Hindustani, Ka Kha Ga Gha, Sylvia, Behroopia.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Music Review (HIndi) : Piku

Music Review (Hindi): Piku
Music Composer: Anupam Roy

     Journey song has uber cool mild soft rock base rhythm and Shreya Goshal steals the show in the middle in Bengali verses supported by sarangi and flute bits in the background. Anupam Roy excels as singer as well as composer of this track. Bezubaan has once again Anupam Roy behind the mic and composer creates wonderful feel bolstered by the delicately beautiful tune. Song ends in an eclectic high with freakish guitar cum drums amidst serene sarod (or Sitar?) sounds. Lamhe Guzar Gaye's soft rock rhythm evocates memories of Udaan and flute bits interspersed throughout the song accentuate further the mood of the song. Title song is rendered with enough jubilance by Sunidhi Chauhan and complemented with well-employed chorus and breezy arrangements. Teri Meri Baatein also rides on the soft rock flavour with interesting tabla base rather than usual drums in the midway.

Verdict: Cool noticeable debut by Anupam roy for Piku.

My Rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Journey Song, Bezubaan, Title song

Music Review (Tamil): Vaa Deal

Music Review (Tamil): Vaa Deal
Music Composer: S Thaman

          Andharu Andharu is run of the mill kuthu track which is predictable throughout the song.Thaman packed the song with the arrangements dominated by punchy percussion and its kind of mishmash of Thaman's Telugu songs. Velmurugan crooned with high spirit and enough ebullience for this pedestrian track. Lyrics by Viveka are passable enough for this track. Vaa Deal is a throbbing track build around rocky base rhythm. Thaman's arrangements are captivating enough although nothing offbeat to offer and also difficult to snub away the Dookudu flavour in the tune. Songs of this genre  are tailor-made for Sooraj Santosh and he delivered perfectly with enough support from a spate of singers. Lyrics by Viveka are also upbeat enough to complement the mood of the song. In Paesi Paesi, Thaman sticks to his formulaic simple melody with minimal beats in the background, instantly likeable chorus portions and alluring strings cum flute combinations in the interludes. Haricharan adds enough charms to the track with his splendid vocals and tune is a cakewalk for him.The deal theme is a slight variant of Vaa Deal track and this one too winsome them which will blend well with the visuals. Sound of deal theme is a foot tapping mix of Thavil- Nadaswaram amidst pulsating percussion and whimsical dialogue in the midway.

Verdict: Conventional and Passable soundtrack from Thaman rides high with one engaging melody.

My rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Paesi Paesi, Vaa Deal


Music Review (Tamil): Kaaval

Music Review (Tamil): Kaaval
Music Composer: G V PrakashKumar

         Aadu Annatha starts off with sublime violin solo but soon mired into templatized kuthu track and even violin solo got strangled amidst other assorted sounds. GVP's tune is engaging although way too predictable and Velmurugan can croon these type of songs with perfection in his sleep also. Malavika Nair and Santosh Hariharan provides enough support to Velmurugan.Natta Nadu Iravula is an easily accessible track with grand piano and soothing violin in the backgrounds which reminds of GV Prakash's Para Para from Neer Paravai. Sanjana Diwakar Kalmanje who sounds like Shreya Goshal is pitch perfect with her vocals and her likeable humming interspersed throughout the song. In Aavaaram Poovukkum, GV Prakash builds around the tribal sound rhythm and even background gives a slight nod to yesteryear hit Aasaiya Kaathula. Megha is splendid with her rustic vocals. Apart from rhythmic background song digressed into country styled string section in the second interlude. Un Kannukulara is another humdrum folk gaana which has nothing special to offer apart from a slight spark in the second interlude. Otherwise, this one is tedious listen even vocals by G V Prakash Kumar and Priya Hemesh becomes tiresome after initial few minutes.Sakka Podu in the vocals of Tipu and Santosh Hariharan starts off like hip hop number but lacks appealing tune apart from sporadic highs in the tune. However song rides mainly on the stupendous guitar riffs throughout the track. Kaaval theme is perfunctory one and it is too short to create any resounding impact on the listeners.

Verdict: Kaaval adds as another mediocre album in GV Prakash's repertoire and it is high time composer should try offbeat to retain his niche place in the industry.

My rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Natta Nadu Iravula, Aavaaram Poovukkum

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Music Review (Hindi) : Ishq Ke Parindey

Music Review (Hindi) : Ishq Ke Parindey
Music Composer: Vijay Verma, Sajjad Ali, Rashid Khan

       Ek Hatheli has a whiff of 90's soundtrack misplaced in 2000's soundtrack, however vocals by Sonu Nigam and Keka Goshal oozes out enough freshness and tune in the charanam portions are alluring. Composer Vijay Verma kept arrangements minimal with flute and guitars for this pleasing song. Despite the soulful rendition by Ek Hatheli (Sad version) and wailing violins to complement the mood, this version fares tad behind the original one. The purpose of remix version still baffles me and most of the time it sabotages the charms of the original version. Ek Hatheli too joins this list and this song can be simply skipped. Next comes Dil tod ke seems like a tribute to A R Rahman's Rangeela song Pyaar ye Jaane Kaise hai especially tune wise,. However, Vijay Verma makes up with wonderful orchestration especially flute throughout the song and guitar riffs in the prelude. KK did a commendable job on vocals. Haunting piece and reminescent of Evano oruvan from Alaipayuthe flute bit in the second interlude is additional asset to the track. Rashid Khan enters the album with a pedestrian run of the mill tune in Rab se Maangi which suffers from the  lack of any wit and feels old-fashioned.The length of the song too makes this one laborious and tiresome listen. Nothing to boast about the remix version of the song. 

         Javed Ali and Palak Muchhal returns for the better duet with Tume Se Milke but composed by Vijay Verma and similar to other two songs by the composer this too takes us back in time. Again Vijay utilizes flute to a maximum extent supported by Tablas and Guitars. Saiyaan, semi-classical sad song rendered by Raktima perfectly and composed by Sajjid Ali with free flow structure. Song seems to be situational one and with visuals may appeal more. Ishq Ke Parindey is a stellar song in the soundtrack starts with dialogue based on the theme of the movie - Indo Pak conflict. Composer brings Qawwali feel to the song with his tune and also reminds us Maula song by A R Rahman. However Sajjad Ali clasp the listeners with enticing arrangements with strings, flute and backed with chorus apart from Shadab's splendid vocals. Rashid Khan ends the soundtrack in high with his devotional Qawwali- Maula Karde Karam handled by Sabri brothers, Javed Ali and Altamash Faridi. Despite seven minutes long, song has no dull moments.. Thanks to standard instruments one can associate with this genre like Tablas, dholaks and lovely harmonium.

Verdict: Ishq Ke Parindey has an enjoyable set of songs although some of the songs lack freshness. Good soundtrack from relatively unknown composers for a small budget movie. Thanks to Deccan Music for tweeting about this soundtrack.

You can listen to the soundtrack here

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Ishq Ke Parindey, Maula Karde Karam, Dil Tod Ke

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Dochay

Music Review (Telugu): Dochay
Music Composer: Sunny M R

        Nacchite Ye Panaina, starts off on a retro'ish note but turns out to be a routine dance track one can expect in Telugu movies except for some catchy interludes in the middle. Arijit Singh has done a commendable job in vocals. Okkariki Okkaram seems to be an extension of the previous song, again rides heavily on the vocals of Shalmali Kholgade and it's quite difficult to brush off Swamy Ra Ra hangover in certain portions despite catchy sounds by Sunny M R. Sunny M R digressed to rock base rhythm in Raana Raana instead of synthesised electronic sound and Arijit Singh to support him however orchestration is jarring at some places apart from slight novel touches like James bond sound towards end. Arijit Singh's final song in the soundtrack He is mosagadu is enticing. Thanks to grungy guitar riffs and funky arrangements equally complemented by Arijit. Anthony Dasan's full-fledged Telugu song What is this bossu didn't hit the right chords and the tune lingers very much which makes this one boring and random one in the album. Title song is another extension of Swamy Ra Ra tune apart from ominous interludes and Sunny MR's part towards the end is appealing. Final song in the soundtrack, Villain is enticing and classical meets country styled orchestration with banjo (or mandolin), bag pipes and also wonderfully sung by Partha sarathy.Soundtrack's highlight are the remaining two songs. Shalmali Kholgade's second song Aanati Devadasu, fares better than her first song and composer builds the song around an enticing rhythmic tune complemented by Sunny's catchy yet unique templates. Hayi Hayi has Arijit Singh to deliver an impeccable rendition along with sing-along tune to bolster further peppiness of the track. Lovely violins, string sections and rhythmic background is an additional highlight of the track.

Verdict: Sunny M R prefers to stay in his comfy zone. Dochay is just an extension of the composer's Swamy Ra Ra and  Rowdy fellow. With nine songs techno sounds overloaded too much on the listeners.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Hayi Hayi, Aanati Devadasu, He is Mosagadu, Villain

Music Review(Tamil): Idhu Enna Maayam

Music Review(Tamil): Idhu Enna Maayam
Music Composer: G V Prakash Kumar

High Voltage:
High Voltage is short two minute track which has passable tune filled  with electronic dance number sounds and rap portions by M C Vickey which is quite conventional nevertheless hummable.
Iravaga Nee:
Successful combo G V Prakash and his better half Saindhavi came back after a hiatus for another dreamy laid-back melody Iravaga Nee. G V Prakash’s arrangements using acoustic drums throughout the song, wailing violin in the second interludes and Symphony strings interspersed with rainy aura gels well with the mood of the song and also makes up for the slow pace.
Machi Machi:
Machi Machi, high spirited jubilant song in the vocals of Udit Narayanan, Devan Ekambaran with contemporary captivating lyrics by Na Muthukumar which targets youth audience. G V’s arrangements with catchy electric Guitar riffs in the prelude, acoustic drums and mandolin in second Interludes are the USP of the song. Watch out for Tin whistle by Navin Iyer in the first Interlude.
Irukkirai has GVP’s stamp all over it and it’s quite difficult to snub away the Déjà vu factor in the tune. However, Harini’s mellifluous voice along with G V Prakash’s vocals and presentation of the song with some interesting flute section makes up for the minor grouses in the track. 
Suttrum Boomi Mele:
 Suttrums Boomi Mele starts off in a melodious note but soon digressed into routine rock number one can expect from G V Prakash Kumar. Tune is also pedestrian one which fails to clasp the listener despite ebullience vocals by Shireen Shahana.
A Walk to remember (Theme song)
Theme song by GVP is an engaging listen despite brief one mixed with whistles, solo violin and novelty touch with piano keys.

Verdict: Once again G V Prakash delivers another engaging soundtrack for A L Vijay akin to their previous works especially two wonderful melodies stand out in the album.

My Rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Iravaga Nee, Irukkirai, Machi Machi   

P.S: Edited version of this review will be available here.

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Music Review (Tamil): Oh Kadhal Kanmani

Music Review (Tamil): Oh Kadhal Kanmani
Music Composer: A R Rahman 

Kaara Attakkara is quite a refreshing start to the album and title hook already created enough buzz in teaser which Rahman generously employed throughout the song in the midst of electronic techno sound wackiness. Aaryan Dinesh and Darshana's frenzy rapping is complemented by drums sounds and occasional quirky gaming sounds. Aye Sinamika whose promo released last week has charming and relaxed tune in the vocals of ever-reliable Karthik and he nails the singing part as usual. Rahman's arrangements through breezy with lilting guitar riffs, drums, piano touches and terse minimal flute sounds towards the end supported by wonderful humming especially in the first half of the track. Karthik and Shasha Tripati's playful rendition and other assorted sounds like whistling, solo carnatic sound, lovely string sections are mixed to give another endearing melody from Rahman in Parandhu Sellava. Especially Shasha Tripathi's singing standout in this number.

Mental Manadhil (Male version), which already created enough airwaves is groovy enough with brief lyrics by Manirathnam and A R Rahman and interesting hooks like mana mana and laika laila makes this one arresting listen despite conventional techno route. Song gets better with female version because of fangled and  impro in the rendition of Jonita Gandhi. Naane Varugiren classical fusion song sung superbly by Shasha Tripathi has endearing sounds of strings in the background throughout the song, tabla and thumping drums. Sathya Prakash marks his first song for Rahman with short high pitched portion in the mid-way. Theera Ula is another techno loaded song from Rahman and surprise is Carnatic part by Nikhita Gandhi in the middle of the song accompanied by classical guitar. However, this song slightly scores less than the other songs in the soundtrack. Rahman brings back another wonderful singer Chitra for Malargal Kaetaen and trade mark flute by him. Chitra sounds mellifluous as always in this carnatic piece for the wonderfully worded lyrics by Vairamuthu. A R Ameen, Rahman's son debuts for Arabic verse prayer song, genre in which Rahman delivers many gems in Hindi. Maula Wa Sallim adds another to his repertoire despite an ordinary one but feel imbibed by both Rahman and Ameen remain intact.

Verdict: Oh Kadhal Kanmani may not be Manirathnam- Rahman's best but album has well assembled and diversified set of songs which are enjoyable.

My rating: 9/10

Pick of the Album: Naane Varugiren, Malargal Kaetaen, Parandhu Sellava, Mental Manadhil(female)