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Music Review (Tamil): Eetti

Music Review (Tamil): Eetti
Music Composer: G V Prakash Kumar

             In Panjumittai, GV Prakash created the enticing aura with his arrangements which feature lovely use of flute, nadhaswaram and percussions. The chorus portions and Hariharasudhan's energetic vocals along with arrangements mitigates the heard before feel of the tune very much. Overall fair enough start to the album from the composer. Un Swasam starts like an unplugged song with piano, but the real highlight is progressing string sections and guitar strums. Tune is easily cakewalk for GV Prakash and he is fabulous with his rendition of with the songs of this genre. The rap portions by Mc Vickey and Maya is typical one and didn't deter much the proceeds of the song. 

           Shakthishree Gopalan and GV Prakash comes together to croon the enjoyable folksy duet Naan Pudicha Mosakuttiyae where once again arrangements score much more than the tune. Singers are spot on with their rendition especially Shakthishree and GV Prakash throws some brilliant use of harmonium, Thavil, nadhaswaram and enjoyable second interlude. GV Prakash ropes Siddharth Mahadevan for the feisty rock song Oru Thuli which features lyrics more in tandem with the core theme of the movie. Siddharth Mahadevan handles the song of these type lot in Bollywood and here also he aces the song with ease. However, the tune and arrangements turn out to be too cliched and conventional despite singer maintains the tempo with his sprightly rendition. Kuiyyo Muiyyo is quite a quirky and funky number which features a hummable tune along with likeable electronic sequencing sounds created by GV Prakash. KG Ranjith and Vandana Srinivasan rendered the peppy tune in an engaging manner and the composer adorned the song with lovely harmonica throughout the song. GV Prakash composed partially effective Life of faith theme instrumental which differs compared to his earlier theme compositions.The theme song is laden with a lot of electronic sequencing sounds which carries the mood of the movie very well.

Verdict: GV Prakash delivers partially engaging album with interesting orchestration, but some songs lack instant catchy tune to make the songs chartbuster.

My rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Kuiyyo Muiyyo, Panjumittai, Un Swasam

You can listen to the songs here.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Music Review (Hindi): Shaandaar

Music Review (Hindi): Shaandaar
Music Composer: Amit Trivedi

       Gulaabo, already released as a single is downright fun track with Vishal Dadlani and Anvitta Dutt behind the mic with sprightly rendition. Amit Trivedi arrangements dominated by horn sections with occasional Dhols blends well with the tone of the song. In Shaam Shaandaar, Amit traverses from Dhol beats to techno dance themed sounds, but jiff of composer's earlier songs are unavoidable which is partly due to Amit Trivedi's singing. 

      Nazdeekiyaan has trademark Amit Trivedi's composition stamp all over it right from the tune and the way song progresses. Neethi Mohan and Nikhil Paul George breezes through the laid back composition (which reminds me behroopia)  in an effectual manner. Amit trivedi gives totally different type of song to Arijit Singh in Senti Wali mental while Neeti Mohan and Swanand Kirke ably supported him in this 9 minutes fun filled song. However highlight of the song is undeniable brilliant use of Saaz especially towards the start and end of the song while dhols and percussion dominate the remaining portions of the song. Overall fitting Sangeet song to the wedding based movie with amusing lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Another wedding based song Raitaa Phailgaya in the vocals of Divya Kumar and the song is pretty much functional track both in terms of tunes and also arrangements.

Verdict: Vikas Bahl's second outing with Amit Trivedi is not as effective as their previous combination, but still this one is funny and enjoyable listen.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Nazdeekiyaan, Senti Wali Mental, Gulaabo

You can listen to the songs here.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Akhil

Music Review (Telugu): Akhil
Music Composer: Anup Rubens and Thaman

Hey Akhil is pretty much an outdated techno song which is conventional both in tune and also in arrangements. Song is particularly made to showcase Akhil Akkineni's dance prowess on screen. Krishna Chaitanya's lyrics are trendy, situational filler one to suit the tune. Rahul Pandey and Anup Rubens earnest singing is the only solace in an otherwise typical introduction song. Nennekkadunte is an another techno sound with heavily auto tuned vocals of Ranjith and Sharanya while the song suffers from the lack of freshness and also cohesiveness in terms of arrangements. Among the assorted sounds created by Anup Rubens, only blaring guitar work stands out and the song takes the numerous twist in terms of arrangements but didn't appeal much as a package. Zara Zara Navvaradhe is a typical Anup Ruben's tune and with line of singers in the credit list, it's difficult to discern their vocals, mostly may be due to auto-tuning of the vocals. However, tune wise this one is simple and one cannot shrug off the deja vu feel of the song. Anup Ruben's template with techno elements in this album goes overboard when fourth song in the album, Akkineni Akkineni too features the similar soundscape. Anup's tune is rhythmic and easy on ears while Divya Kumar, Barghavi, Uma Neha and Mohana handles the Krishna Chaitanya's 'matching' lyrics effectually. Padessave is the only song composed by Thaman and it's the best of the soundtrack despite being Thaman's stamp all over the song. Karthik's and M M Mansi vocals being the strength of this track with Thaman shows his presence with enjoyable foot tapping rhythmic background and interludes.

Verdict: Akhil's album is purely to satiate the expectations to make Akhil Akkineni as an another commercial hero from Akkineni family. Anup Ruben ensures the same with his cool techno packed songs. However Thaman's solo song stands apart in an otherwise passable album.

My rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Padessave, Zara Zara Navvaradhe, Hey Akhil

Music Review (Malayalam): Ennu Ninte Moideen

Music Review (Malayalam): Ennu Ninte Moideen
Music Composer: M Jayachandran, Ramesh Narayan, Gopi Sundar

Kannodu Chollanu is pleasant ear-warming folksy melody against the backdrops of wonderful sounds created by M Jayachandran. More awesomeness comes in the form of lovely vocals of Shreya Goshal and Vijay Yesudas. Particularly loved the string sections and water drop sounds throughout the track. M Jayachandran gives another soulful melody in the form of Kaathirinnu for Shreya Goshal and she aces the rendition as usual. Loved the clarinet touch although terse one in the first and second interlude. Composer itself comes behind the mic to deliver another enjoyable folksy laid back melody Iruvanji Puzhapenne. Loved the way composer employed mellifluous flute sections throughout the song along with other ambient sounds. Composer Ramesh Narayan brings the two veterans Sujatha and K J Yesudas to render another soothing melody Ee Mazhathan in the backdrops of atmospheric rain in the orchestration. Ramesh Narayan goes into the minimal unplugged mode in Priyamullavane, but the effect it leaves after listening is stupendous especially due to Madhushree Narayan's earnest rendition. Shardambaram fits the bill perfectly for the movie set in 1960's and Sithara brings the retro feel with her vocals effectually while the song's another version didn't work much better as Sithara's version. Gopi Sundar brings back Ustad hotel feel in Mukkathe Penne nevertheless the song is still arresting listen in the vocals of Mohammed Maqbool Mansoor.

Verdict: M Jayachandran and Ramesh Narayan delivers highly enjoyable melody oriented songs in Ennu Ninte Moideen.

My rating:8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Kannodu Chollanu, Mukkathe Penne, Priyamullavane, Kaathirinnu

You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Music Review (Telugu): Kanche

Music Review (Telugu): Kanche
Music Composer: Chirantan Bhatt

       Itu Itu ani chitikelu evvarivo brings back charms in retroTelugu song effectually while both Abhay Jodhpurkar and Shreya Goshal aces the pleasing tune with their pitch-perfect rendition. Especially loved the classical vocalizations in the second interlude. Chirantan Bhatt marks his presence with wonderful background orchestrations which features ghatams, lovely string section and flutes. Chirantan Bhatt packaged the rural number Ooru errayindhi Eru Horettundhi with expansive orchestration elements like thumping percussions, nadaswaram and bagpipes. Shankar Mahadevan showcases his prowess with his powerful rendition ably supported by chorus portions. 

        Nijamenani Nammani is another winner in the album where once again Shreya Goshal aces the melancholy with her nuanced singing. Chirantan Bhatt makes the orchestration minimal in the charanam portions whereas string sections reaches the crescendo during interludes. Srivennila Sastry's poignant lyrics accentuates the mood of the song. Chirantan Bhatt's string sections in Bhaga Bhagamani is enough to show the fiery tone of the song and Vijay Prakash spruces up the feel with his perfect vocals. Apart from string sections, flute portions stand apart in this track about sadness, anger due to war. Vijay Prakash gets another song Raa Mundadugeddam about love and how world can be converted to a better place to live. Once again Chirantan is top notch in orchestration especially loved the extensive racy first interlude with string sections. Chirantan Bhatt ends the soundtrack with Love is war instrumental track, lovely mix of western classical orchestration which quite fits the bill perfectly.

Verdict: Krish extracted another musical extravaganza in the lines of the director's previous movie Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum. Expansive orchestration along with magical lyrics makes this one best in recent times.

My rating: 8.25/10

Pick of the Album: Itu Itu ani Chitikelu, Raa Mundadugeddam, Nijamenani Nammani, Ooru errayindhi Eru Horettundhi

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Shivam

Music Review (Telugu): Shivam
Music Composer: DeviSri Prasad

       Title song is typical DSP's energetic hero introduction song and the tune is the melange of composer's earlier songs. However, DSP's upbeat arrangements with  the sprightly rendition by Karthik makes this one listenable till it lasts. Bhaskara Bhatla's lyrics expresses well about the protagonist daring attitude regarding love. Prema Ane Picchi rides mainly on the Narendra's upbeat rendition of the likeable folksy tune and amusing lyrics by Bhaskara Bhatla. DSP once again relied heavily on the rhythmic percussion and overall orchestration is pretty much conventional with rather flat trumpet sections. I love you too, is trendy, cool duet where Yazin Nizar and Sameera excels with their vocals. DSP's gave rhythmic arrangements with the enjoyable usage of live drums, trumpets which mitigate the deja vu flavour in the tune and treatment of the song. Bhaskara Bhatla once again aces with his youthful and enjoyable lyrics.

        Andamaina Lokam is another breezy ear-pleasing melody once again singers Sagar and Haripriya rule the track with their highly enjoyable rendition. DSP's penchant with drums and trumpets in this album continues with this song too which makes this one best in the lot. Especially loved the classical instrument touch in the second interlude. Gunde Aagi Pothaande is an inevitable mass song to please the particular section of audiences and to showcase Ram's dance skills. Hemachandara and MM Manasi energetic vocals and DSP complement the vocals with upbeat arrangements. However, the lacklustre tune makes this one falls flat and the song may become chartbuster with visuals.

Verdict: Shivam's album follows the formulaic commercial album template. DSP makes the two melodies highly enjoyable within the framework of his soundscape without experimenting much.

My rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Andamaina Lokam, I love you too, Prema Ane Picchi

P.S : Edited version of the review will be available here.

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Music Review (Hindi): Calendar Girls

Music Review (Hindi):  Calendar Girls
Music Composer: Meet Bros Anjjan and Amaan Malik

Awesome Mora Mahiya is a typical techno party song which is catchy for the first listen but ends up being routine and boring. Kushboo Grewal's singing in the charanam portions being the only solace in an otherwise mundane track replete with before heard sounds. We will Rock the world starts off in a better manner but fizzled out in the proceedings. Even auto tuned Neha Kakkar's voice unable to save another conventional track from Meet bros Anjjan. Khwaishein being the only track which is listenable till it lasts despite being the conventionally orchestrated track, the song is pleasant and enjoyable due to Arijit Singh in rock version and Armaan Malik in the film version. Shaadi wali Night is another techno Punjabi flavoured dance track which is again tepid and boring despite Aditi Singh Sharma's sprightly rendition.

Verdict: Madhur Bhandarkar's weakest soundtrack compared to his recent films. Soundtrack appears bland and uninspiring. Hope film lives up to its director's reputation.

My rating:6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Khwaishein (both versions)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Music Review (Tamil) - 49-O

Music Review (Tamil) - 49-O
Music Composer: K

In Amma Pole, K takes the Imman's recent soundscape for the rural song which is laden with rhythmic thumping percussions, occasional captivating string sounds in the interludes. Jayamoorthy's rustic vocals are apt for the Yugabarathi's simple and well-written lyrics about the importance of rain to the farmers.

          Aruvava Kannu Rendum starts with brilliant mandolin prelude and Abhay Jodhpurkar takes over the pleasant ear-warming melody which is engaging till it lasts. K spruces up the orchestration with Ghatam, Kanjira and other assorted sounds to bring out the feel of the song.K churns out brilliant inspirational song in Innum Ethanai Kaalam Varai where both Thenisai Chellapa hoarse vocals and orchestration by K complements each other very well. Particularly loved the K's arrangements with the racy mix of string sections, parade like brass cum drum sounds interspersed with haunting flute bits in tandem with the composer's style. Yugabarathi’s lyrics deserves special mention. Easily this one is best of the album.Vote Podunga is a quirky song in Hariharasudhan vocals with native folk instruments interspersed with amusing satirical speeches and Yugabarathi's funny as well as thought provoking lyrics. Tune by K is rather conventional which may work well with visuals and placement of the song in the movie.

Verdict: K delivers quite a short and functional rural thematic soundtrack after an impressive Kirumi for Goundamani's comeback movie.

My rating: 7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Innum Ethanai Kaalam Varai, Aruvava Kannu Rendum

You can listen to the songs here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Music Review(Hindi): Katti Batti

Music Review(Hindi): Katti Batti
Music Composer: Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Sarfira, is a typical techno party song one can expect from the trio with an addictive title hook. However song turns into tiresome listen after few minutes despite Siddharth Mahadevan, Qaran Mehta and Neeti Mohan's effectual sprightly rendition. Sau Aasoon has some brilliant guitar riffs accompanied by drums towards the middle and undisputed winner in the song is Shankar Mahadevan's rendition supported by Rasika Sekhar. Lip to Lip works only partially because of uninspiring tune, however, Ritu Phatak rustic rendition spruces up the song occasionally along with sax sounds. Jaago Mohan Pyaare is an assorted haphazard package with the mix of Guitars, live drums peppered with some lively classical rendition by string of singers, but overall song fails to warrant multiple listens. Shankar Eshaan Loy reserves the best of the album for Mohan Kannan in Ove Jaaniya, soulful composition with mild piano and live percussions. Mohan Kannan's folky rendition along with minimalist orchestration makes this one enjoyable among the other songs in the album. Ove Jaaniye's reprise version gets better once again with minimal piano notes and Sayani Palit's effectual singing.

Verdict: Katti Batti is an average work from Shankar Eshaan Loy barring one gem like composition in the form of Ove Jaaniya.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Ove Jaaniya (both versions), Sau Aasoon, Sarfira