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Music Review (Tamil) : Muni3 aka Kanchana 2

Music Review (Tamil) : Muni3 aka Kanchana 2
Music Composer: Leon James, Sathya, Thaman, Ashwamithra

In Muni3, Raghavan opts for 4 composers instead of only Thaman who is part of Kanchana. Let's check whether too many cooks spoils or savors the soundtrack.

Sandi Muni:

Sandi Muni, composed by Leon James, band mate of Anirudh starts off in a jarring note but turns out better as the song progresses because of slightly listenable interludes dominated by synth sounds. Haricharan rendered the pedestrian lyrics penned by Viveka with enough verve and bolstered the run of the mill conventional tune.
Vaaya Veera:
Leon James's second song in the soundtrack is significantly superior to the first one. Shakthishree Gopalan's recent songs in every album stand out from the other songs in the soundtrack and in Muni3 also her dreamy vocals complemented by enjoyable tune is accentuated by tabla in the background throughout the song and soothing strings in the second interludes.
Sillatta Pillatta:
Sillatta Pillatta is another humdrum, hugely disappointing track from composer Sathya and he  interspersed brass section sounds with Saavu Kuthu template. Despite Jagadeesh Kumar ebullience vocals, this song fails to clasp the listener. Logan lyrics also insipid and irksome.
Motta Paiya:
Surprisingly, Thaman gave melody track in the album without any punchy percussion usually one can associate with him. Thaman's arrangement and tune reminds Imman's latest trademark style with sweeping strings in the interludes and minimal percussion throughout the song. However ever- reliable Chitra and Sooraj Santhosh vocals adds enough appealing factor to the song.
Moda Moda:
Moda Moda starts off ambitiously but soon mired into boring repetitive template with morbid sounds in the background. Only solace is intermittent string sections and master Sriram Roshan vocals too didn't add any value to the song.

Verdict: Overall Muni3 is a bland and an uninspiring soundtrack barring two melodies despite multi-composer soundtrack, which is rare in Tamil movies.

Pick of the album: Vaaya Veera, Motta Paiya

My rating: 6/10

P.S : Edited version of this review will be available here.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Music Review (Malayalam): You Too Brutus

Music Review (Malayalam): You Too Brutus
Music Composer: Roby Abraham

In Ettum Pottum, Roby Abraham builds rhythm with hard pulsating rock base which is quite frenzy and Vineeth Sreenivasan pulls off the song with his splendid vocals. Guitar solos by Mithun Raju of Thaikkum bridge fame in the interludes is damn good. Saarangiyil too has lovely guitar base throughout the song but in contrast to the first song, this one is soft rock supported by Job Kurian's vocals and adorned with amazing keys cum guitar combination in the interludes. Azhalinte has trippy arrangements accentuated by autotuned Roby's vocals throughout the song. On top of that Roby packaged the song with enticing sounds like Idakka, bell sounds, trance electronic sounds. Interesting thing is composer digressed from using typical sounds for the song which has kind of voodoo (or some other thing) aura around it. In Chiriyude Pinnil, Roby mixes Jazzy flavoured trumpets and live drums embellished by lovely sax beautifully with mesmerizing vocals of Madonna Sebastian. Tune reminds some of the sensual yesteryear songs by Ilayaraja. Song gets much better with its faster buoyant reprise version mixed with guitar riffs. Once again Madonna Sebastian allures with her spotless rendition.

Verdict: You too Brutus album is enough to follow Roby Abraham's future works. Wonderful eclectic soundtrack from the composer.

My rating:8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Whole album

Monday, March 23, 2015

Music Review (Malayalam): Ennum Eppozhum

Music Review (Malayalam): Ennum Eppozhum
Music Composer: Vidyasagar

Nilavum Mayunnu is a wonderful mix of ghazals like clap cum tabla sounds and Carnatic veena sounds. Song has pretty much enjoyable tune with a heartfelt rendition by Harishankar despite reminiscent of famous Rahman song (unable to point out a particular one). Dithikku Dithikku, another classically oriented song from Vidyasagar who churned out similar songs in a better way and here too he delivered another beautiful song sung by Binny. Flute and violin portions in the arrangements particularly stand apart in this engaging Bharatanatyam number. In Malarvakka Kombathu Vidyasagar mixes techno beats with P Jayachandrandan crooning alluring melodic tune supported by Rajalakshmi. In Pularipoopenne, Vidyasagar channelizes his inner Ilayaraja and the song seems to be an ode to maestro itself because of its uncanny similarity in every possible way.Vijay Yesudas seems to be a replacement for SPB and he is pitch perfect with his vocals.

Verdict: After Mariyam Mukku, Vidyasagar delivers another enjoyable melody songs in Ennum Eppozhum

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: All songs, nevertheless only 4

Music Review (Telugu): Rudramadevi

Music Review (Telugu): Rudramadevi
Music Composer: Ilayaraja

Matthagajame, grand orchestration and enticing interludes aside, vocal play among the lead singers and chorus stands apart in this song. Vocal play among the mellifluous Chitra- SPB duo, quite contrasting and rustic Kailash Kher singing along with folksy chorus are the interesting elements in the song. Auna Neevena, with its almost more than half a minute long prelude, is soothing and orchestration is tandem with the mood set by the song along with Hariharan and sweet voice of Sadhana Sargam. However over relaxed tune tests the patience of the listener. Choosukovo Teesukuvo has funky arrangements with engaging percussion and unique trumpet and other brass (trombone?) sounds. However, song's highlight is totally different voice over by Chitra for funny item song supported by Baba sehgal. Punnami poovai has vintage Ilayaraja orchestration and rendered in an impeccable manner by Shreya Goshal. Tune in the charanam portions is delicately beautiful accompanied by top notch rendition. Allakallalomai reminds of Naan Kadavul Om Sivohm in both aggressive arrangements and gripping voice by SPB. Anthapuramlo has female trio Chitra, Sadhana Sargam and Chinmayi behind the mic to deliver another engaging melody from Ilayaraja.

Verdict: Rudramadevi has engaging set of songs from maestro however period feel of the film is not ostensibly visible in the songs except in certain portions.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Choosukovo Teesukovo, Matthagajame, Punnami Poovai

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Music Review(Malayalam) : Oru Vadakkan Selfie

Music Review(Malayalam): Oru Vadakkan Selfie
Music Composer: Shaan Rahman

Kaikottum Kanditilla is Vaikom Vijayalakshmi show all the way and she handled the folky retro'ish tune adeptly while shaan adorned the tune with continuous dhols and occasional harmonium bits. Neelambalin is trademark Shaan Rahman melody backed by vocals of Arun Alat and Kavya Ajith's humming. Violin by Cochin strings and pleasant percussion in the second half of the soundtrack stands apart in an otherwise typical tune from Shaan. Enna Thallendammava has groovy violin solos and guitar in the background. Shaan and his close associate Vineeth rocks as lead singers also in this enjoyable track. Shaan Rahman hands over the next track in the album to Agam band lead singer Harish Sivaramakrishnan and surely Agam band followers will get doubt whether Paarvanavidhuve is composed by Agam band or Shaan as the song is carnatic progressive rock. Chennai Pattanam, has templatized Tamil folk kuthu percussion in the background although made quirky enough by Vineeth Srinivasan and Arya Mohandas. Yekkam pogavillai is angst-filled rocky number in the vocals of Shaan Rahman only grouse being very short one.

Verdict: Shaan Rahman continues his good run and Vineeth- Shaan combo adds another memorable soundtrack to their repertoire with Oru Vadakkan Selfie.

My rating:7.75/10

Pick of the Album: Kaikottum Kanditilla, Enna Thallendammava, Neelambalin

Monday, March 16, 2015

Music Review (Telugu) : S/O Sathyamurthy

Music Review (Telugu) : S/O Sathyamurthy
Music composer : Devi Sri Prasad

         One two and three has an uncanny similarity to one of the Julayi song apparently directed by same Trivikram. Better we can listen to Julayi song itself rather than this rehashed one. Seethakaalam is an ear friendly tune leaded by templatized yet enjoyable guitar strums from Devi despite stains from his old tunes is difficult to snub it away. Good to see Yazin Nizar in credit lists (malayalam singer) nowadays in tamil and telugu soundtracks. Super machi, starts with an tamil prelude has instant catchy folky tune sung with enough ebullience from DSP and Shravana Bharghavi. Surely song will satiate fans of Allu Arjun when scorches the dance floors. Come to the party has mediocre tune spruced only by interesting Jazz flavoured orchestration with trumpets, use of nadaswaram bolstered by Vijay prakash's sprightliness in his singing. Jaaruko again rides on the templatized tune by devi, only solace being funny lyrics by srimani and sagar's rendition. Exciting visuals and Allu Arjun screen presence should salvage viewers. Vacchadu is comparatively better than the other songs in the soundtrack. Thanks mainly to the Javed Ali's singing, some nice touches like cow boy styled string sections and percussions. Soundtrack's best Chalo Chalo has Raghu Dixit behind the mic with rhythmic percussions supported by enjoyable guitar and string sections in the interludes.

Verdict: DeviSri Prasad just regurgitates Julayi like songs once again for Allu Arjun - Trivikram Combo which results in an insipid soundtrack from trio.

My rating:6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Chalo Chalo, Super machi, Come to the party

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Music Review (Telugu) : Jil

Music Review (Telugu) : Jil
Music Composer : M Ghibran

Man on fire, Ghibran reveals his perfect hard rock number with screeching guitars, thumping percussions results in stylized opening song for Gopichand. Short cameo singing by Bianco Gomes adds sensual feel to the song. Yazin Nizar woes us with his energetic rendition. Contrary to the previous song, Jil Jil manase is romantic slow poison built around the house mix rhythm and EDM sounds. Real strength to the track is peppy rendition by Shalmali Kholgade and Yazin Nizar. Classical humming despite heavily processed one in the prelude and the way 'uff' used throughout the song is nice touch by Ghibran. Swing Swing Swing is another party song which is groovy enough to catch the listeners. Surprisingly tune is pretty much alluring and title hook is enchanting. Blaaze's rendition gives the song international flavour and the mood is further bolstered by arrangements and electronic sounds. Yemaindhi eevela, melange of sounds like European styled strings throughout the song, lilting guitar and Piano bits amidst trance music makes this song most experimental one in the soundtrack. Clinton Cerejo and Ghibran's recent collaboration with Sharanya Gopinath for vocals amply supports the song. Pori Masala Pori, is mandatory mass song for telugu movie and despite energetic vocals by Sharanya Gopinath and Nivin bedford, tracks lack appealing factor or instant catchy tune required for the song of this genre.

Verdict: Ghibran continues to deliver pucca commercial songs for tollywood with his own touch of novelty.

My Rating:8/10

Pick of the Album: Yemaindhi eevela, Jil Jil Manase, Man on fire

Music Review(Tamil) : Romeo Juliet

Music Review(Tamil) : Romeo Juliet
Music Composer : Imman

Album opens up with the raucous kuthu song which already created enough waves in online media is energetic and foot tapping in the lines of Danga maari coincidentally both written by Rokesh.  Tune wise song is pretty much ordinary but Anirudh’s verve , Dandanakka  hook , TR dialogues  in the mid way and catchy synthesized classical bit in the second interlude makes this song enjoyable listen in the album.
Imman’s trademark styled melody sprinkled with tapping sounds, effortless strings along with smacking drum sounds. But real winner in this track is pleasant rendition by Vishal Dadlani, who is adept at pronunciation despite from north. Sunitha Sarathy’s vocals are damn good despite employed only for humming.
Idharkuthane Aasaipattai:
Imman tried jazzy orchestration with trumpets, drums and the outcome is quite alluring. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi adds retro feel to the song with her rendition and the transgression towards racy mood in the latter half of the song along with gorgeous string sections is handled adeptly.
Romeo Romeo:
Vishal Dadlani’s second track in the album seems to be Saturday party song and Imman kept the orchestration within EDM framework barring occasional veena sounds in the first interlude.  Romeo Romeo’s mundane tune is hustled by Vishal’s effectual singing. Madhan Karky marks his presence with his contemporary lyrics.
Arakki seems to be mandatory tasmac love failure song in the romantic comedy genre and Anthony Dasan quite perfectly fills the bill with his spirited inebriated rendition. But tracks pièce de résistance is Imman’s orchestration with lovely arrangements especially second interlude. Madhan Karky  lyrics is funny enough to catch attention of the listeners.
Thoovanam  (Reprise):
Reprise version of the Thoovanam is crooned by Sunitha Sarathy and orchestration is kept intact from the original one without much alteration. However compared to Vishal’s version this one is tad behind because of slightly languorous rendition by the lead singer.

Verdict:  Imman’s latest album has nothing offbeat to offer however Imman’s forte is apparently visible in all the tracks resulted in the enjoyable soundtrack for Romantic comedy movie.

My rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album:  Dandanakka, Arakki, Idharkuthane Aasaipattai

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Music Review(Tamil) : Purampokku

Music Review(Tamil) : Purampokku
Music Composer : Varshan

         Aaja O re starts off similar to one of the songs in Aarambam is too short and templatized in the vocals of Abhay Jodhpur to make any impact and its surprising to see hindi song placed in tamil soundtrack. Another short track Dhaegam Thaakum in the album works in better way than previous one. Thanks to racy percussions, sweeping violins and flute bits amidst terse singing by Krishna Kumar and Ramya NSK. Kalaasi Kalaasi backed by string of singers MLR Karthikeyan, Malathy Lakshman, Thirukumar Thiagarajah and Diwakar is dredged out of 90's gaana repertoire which is strictly one time listen for its quirky vocals and lyrics. Tune becomes monotonous and laborious listen in the midway. Marina Beachula has Deva's stamp all over it and embarrassingly templatized to 90's Gaana song is another tedious listen in the soundtrack. Soundtrack's winner is undeniably Orae oru murai backed by its beautifully crafted tune adorned by Ilayarajaesque interludes with ample support from westernised rendition of Sunitha Sarathy and ever reliable Vijay Prakash.

Verdict: Trailer of Purampokku looks ambitious but soundtrack doesn't live up to it. Passable debut from Varshan.

My rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Orae Oru Murai, Dhaegam Thaakum

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Komban

Music Review (Tamil) : Komban
Music Composer: G V Prakash Kumar

Kambikara Vetti:
 Album starts with traditional folk song and instruments one can associate with any conventional rural celebrations like thavil, nathaswaram, brass section in second interlude are used extensively throughout the song. Despite V M Mahalingam and Ananthu’s ebullience vocals, tune is on the flip side.  Hopefully colourful picturisation adds value to the song.

G V Prakash nails at providing single outstanding melody track in each of his album and in Komban too Shreya Goshal along with Composer itself crooned the native typical village romantic song. GV interspersed the song with lovely ghatams, mellifluous flute adorned by Thavil intermittently. Icing on the cake is ever reliable soothing rendition by Shreya Goshal and G V Prakash.

Karuppu Nerathazhagi:
Velmurugan in the credit list of singers, one can surely expect the energetic Gaana song which he hardly fails to deliver. In this track also Velmurugan’s energetic singing is complemented by punchy orchestration by GVP, However morsing at the start and towards the end seems to be discordant with the flow of the song. Malavika’s humming in the first interlude is nifty GVP touch to the song.

Mella Valanjadhu:
Mella Valanjadhu is mandatory pathos templatized in all aspects be run of the mill tune or wailing arrangements of instruments. Only solace being the soulful rendition by Madhu Balakrishnan.

A Celebration Komban Theme:
GVP’s theme track will be special one in every album but in Komban it turns out to be mediocre, he took tried and tested orchestration using raw native elements for the rural themed movie which results in pretty much ordinary track even though its three minutes long.

Verdict:  Muthiah’s association with GV Prakash for another Village based story after Kutti Puli is average standard one track exceptional soundtrack from the composer. Karthi’s Screen presence may entice the viewers.

My Rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Appappa, Karuppu Nerathazhagi

P.S : Edited version of the review will be available here

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Uthama Villain

Music Review (Tamil): Uthama Villain
Music Composer: M Ghibran

         Love aa Love aa is a medley of genres, tribal chants and sounds, EDM synthesizer sounds and wonderful percussions in the second interlude mixed together to give scintillating effect to the song. Westernised rendition by Sharanya Gopinath deserves a particular mention. Ghibran is very good in layering multiple sounds in a single track and he extended his capability with this song. Ghibran's collaboration with Padmalatha always creates gems like Aruvakkaran, Dhagam Dheera and Kadhalam Kadavul Mun too displays absolute brilliance from the combo. Ghibran utilised the chimes, mridangam, flute and other assorted sounds in soothing way for this classical number and Padmalatha too pitch perfect with her effortless rendition. Loved the way she sang Konji Konji Sevium Pessidum line with mischievous note. Uthama Villan Introduction (Villupaatu) is an ideal introduction for KamalHassan starts with morsing and shifts in many ways ends in foot tapping high note. Subbu Arumugam - Kamal Hassan is splendid in their singing again topped by Ghibran's effectual arrangements. Saagavaram too starts with morsing and story goes like Kamal pleads the king regarding his immortality. Ghibran mixed the Sword sounds along with Chenda melam and drums to create a wonderful ambience throughout the song.

         Iraniya Nadagam, is a monologue of the well-known story Prahaladhan - Hiranyakashipu- Narasimma Avatharam. But the blissful experience is motley of sounds like brass sections, grand Piano sounds and some classical instruments along with percussions created by Sofia Symphony Orchestra. Once again, Symphony's brilliance is generously displayed in the orchestration of Mutharasan Kadhai to create wonderful listening feel, brilliant amalgamation of Western instruments and Indian Instruments. Sofia Symphony's final masterpiece storytelling soundtrack is Uthaman Kadhai and ends the soundtrack with another engaging track which will surely work well with visuals. In Uthaman, Kadhai Symphony produces haunting notes in tandem with villagers mood who considers uthaman as ghost. Kamal Haasan's words and the manner in which power packed words delivered by him deserves special mention in those tales.  Uthama Villain features another 7 BGM tracks which are beautifully crafted, main theme, Father and Son being the pick of the lot.

Verdict: Musical extravaganza promised by Ghibran  is delivered in stunning manner. Ghibran created the best musical soundtrack in recent times. Surely this year too Ghibran's Album will be album of the year in my blog.

My Rating: 9.5/10

Pick of the Album: Whole Album.