Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Music Review (Tamil) : Darling

Music Review (Tamil) : Darling
Music Composer: GV Prakash Kumar

        Anbe Anbe, soporific melodious tune reminiscent of composer's own compositions interspersed with occasional brilliant guitar strums and drums. GV Prakash rendition stands apart in an otherwise mundane track. Sattena Idi mazhai, another passable party track with electronic sounds in GV Prakash and Megha's vocals ends bland despite lively rendition by lead singer.

        Soundtrack turns into interesting with Vandha mala, amusing lyrics, instantly catchy tune, energetic vocals by Arun Raja Kamaraj and Gaana Bala. The brass sections, drums and guitar portions aided with dialogues makes this song enticing. Next come another gorgeous melody Unnale with impressive violins and acoustic drums in interludes backed by chorus. Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Goshal in the vocals, hardly anything can go wrong in singing and they nail the haunting tune in their own way. Good to see that Shankar Mahadevan returns to tamil soundtrack this year in many albums. Another proficient singer Harini rules the next melodious track in the album Un Vizhigalil with her mellifluous voice. GV goes minimal in the orchestration with pleasant piano sounds and flute in the interludes to support Harini's soft rendition.The dead are back is gloomy theme track mixed with sounds associated with horror films backed by chorus and strings section.

Verdict: GV Prakash Kumar returns back with engaging melodious album after average Irumbu Kuthirai.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Unnale, Un Vizhigalil, Vandha mala

Music Review (Telugu): Gaddam Gang

Music Review (Telugu): Gaddam Gang
Music Review: Achu

My dear sweety, is an engaging jazzy piece with interesting use of trumpets cum drums led orchestration especially second interlude. The vocals by Achu, mix of funky and breezy rendition aids well the tune. Vathava vadhantava, is shoddy compared to  Come na come from Soodhu Kavvum however sprightly rendition by the Tamil composer saves this song from laborious listen. Kasu Cashu dubbu, telugu equivalent of Kasu Panam from Soodhu kavvum and in this song Achu manages to hold the listener with catchy choli ke peeche kya hey hook and funny lyrics accentuates the further craziness of the song. Achu also uses the background sounds from the original. Achu returns to another jazzy fusion in Mama douser's Telugu version Chirigi Chattayindhi. Both tune and M M Manasi voice along with jazz genred instruments work well in tandem results in another eccentric song. Gaddam Gang theme is energetic on its own way but when compared to splendid Tamil version theme this one is slight disappointment.

Verdict: Achu considerably did well and came out with tunes with enough wackiness but still soodhu Kavvum tunes are better.Comparisons are inevitable in remakes and that too with standards set by Santosh Narayanan.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: My dear Sweety, Kasu Cashu dubbu, Chirigi Chattayindhi

Friday, November 21, 2014

Music Review (Telugu) : Chakkiligintha

Music Review (Telugu) : Chakkiligintha
Music Composer : Mickey J Meyer

Avoid girls, with heavy drums, few interesting guitar bits in the background and violin towards the end has hummable tune in the vocals of Siddharth, Aditya, Anudeep. Lyrics seems to be advice for the newly joined college guys about girls. Baby my lover, is a surprise in terms of singing, the voice range shown by Mickey J Meyer is laudable and tune also groovy enough to make the song listenable. Haricharan and Sai Shivani rules the simple catchy Chakkiligintey song. The template of the tune and beats throughout the song seems to be pretty familiar nevertheless decent track in the album. Idivarakey, engaging dulcet by Karthik has some nice usage of keys and beautiful strings section in second interlude. Mayo Mayo has enticing sounds with Aditya and Ramya Behera rendered with verve nevertheless song turns into laborious listen in the mid way. O Kshanama is another free flowing melody is a passable listen with vocals of Ramya Behera and she sounds different and sweet compared to previous song. 

Verdict: Mickey J Meyer creates the another listenable soundtrack without any awestruck offbeat songs and also not a bad album in any means.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Baby my lover, Chakkiligintey, Idivarakey

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Music Review (Hindi) : PK

Music Review (Hindi) : PK
Music Composer: Shantanu Moitra, Ajay-Atul, Ankit Tiwari

Ajay Atul's Tharki Chokri is a folkish tune sung with enough ecstacy by Swaroop Khan and chorus however arrangements reminiscent of heard before templates with occasional brass section being the novelty additions to the flow of the song. In Nanga Punga Dost , Shreya Goshal enjoys singing the unhurried tune with rhyming lyrics by swanand kirkire. The violin solos and the guitar strums in the arrangement is particularly beautiful in tandem with the easy go mood of the song. Chaar Kadam, is a breezy ballad song in lines of Parineeta's Piyu bole (by same composer) and many other songs however vocals by Shaan and soothing singing by Shreya Goshal makes it listenable despite deja-vu factor associated with the song. Love is a waste of time is also given the similar treatment like Chaar Kadam with Violin- accordion combo stands out apart in orchestration. Singing by Sonu Nigam and Shreya goshal apt for the pleasant retro tune. Bhagawan Hai Kahan Re Tu, except for some progreesive interludes is laborious listen despite earnest rendition by Sonu Nigam. Ankit Tiwari's guest composition Dil Darbadar's tune confined to the Aashique 2 territory results in the bland song of the soundtrack except for some nice touches by string instrument (mandolin I think).

Verdict: Rajkumar Hirani's PK has some sweet compositions tainted by the deja vu feelings associated with the songs.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Nanga Punga Dost, Love is a waste of time, Tharki Chokri

Music Review (Tamil): Isai

Music Review (Tamil): Isai
Music Composer: S J Suryah

Puthandin, starts with thumping beats and energetic guitar but as the song progresses, it becomes more tedious listen because of S J Surya's vocals and also middling tune without any imagination. Atho Vanile Nila is a passable listen with simple tune prodded by Chinmayi and Karthik's reliable vocals. A cameo by Deva is a pleasant surprise and gives much digression in an otherwise monotonous tune. Dirty Dancing, techno kuthu song in Shalini singh vocals is another mediocre song with repugnant lyrics which can be avoided. The best of the album is  Isai Veesi, a hummable melody garnished with watery sounds in Chinmayi's mesmerizing vocals. Nee Poiyaa, by VijayYesudas is a pathos number has tune which is interesting only in parts but listenable only because of earnest rendition by Yesudas. Among the three themes, She is his piano theme appeals most despite sincere controlled rendition by Chinmayi in all the themes.

Verdict: Isai is an unimpressive debut as a music director for S J Surya.

My Rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the album: Isai Veesi, Nee Poiyaa, She is his piano theme 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Review (Tamil) : Lingaa

Music Review (Tamil) : Lingaa
Music Composer: A R Rahman
       En Mannava, a slow bollywood type of duet with interesting interludes including classical pieces with sitar, percussions etc for vairamuthu's period lyrics albeit tune is much ordinary. Aditya paul's sweet vocals is ably supported by Srinivas. Another anthemic song by Rahman, Indiane Vaa with high pitched vocals evokes memories of many similar compositions by Rahman itself. Vairamuthu's inspirational lyrics to bring back unity in water problem is apt. The pathos Unmai Orunaal Vellum by Haricharan is a heavily average track except for interludes and tune unable to clasp the listener till end despite much effort by singer. 
       Soundtrack's best are the remaining two songs. Rahman chooses retro gangster styled intro Oh Nanba for superstar Rajinikanth with superb brass section and Arabic styled percussions throughout the song infused with techno elements. Moreover SPB's energetic rendition blends well with the Aaryan's rap portions and chorus. It's quite after a long time, Rajini's intro song appeals most than other songs in the soundtrack. The next best song is Mona Gasolina, which has quite eccentric tune with catchy lyrics by Madhan Karky and singers Mano, Tanvi shah and Neeti Mohan added more craziness to the song with their rendition. Mano came back with a interesting song for Rahman and Mozart added techno sounds with appealing thavil and other assorted sounds especially chords section.

Verdict: Two songs by Rahman elevates the overall level of the superstar's soundtrack.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Oh nanba, Mona gasolina, En Mannava

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Music Review (Tamil): Kayal

Music Review (Tamil): Kayal
Music Composer: D Imman

         Kayal opens with melancholy track Yengirundhu vandhaayo penned by yugabharathi rendered in pitch perfect manner by ever reliable Shreya Goshal. Imman's proclivity towards violin is apparent by the deftness in handling the first interlude and towards the end.Composer mixes the tabla and particularly high pitched flute solos to set the mood of the song. Another slow killer song Yenga Pulla Irukka with grand piano orchestration garnished with mellifluous flute, soothing violins, enchanting chorus portions and culminates with increased tempo. Balram impeccable and lucid rendition adds value to the yugabharathi lyrics. Unna ippa paakanum, fast paced melody starts with catchy guitar adorned by brass section in first interlude, percussion and occasional chimes. Overall Imman's arrangement is top notch and singers Haricharan and Vandana Srinivasan (bad that only Imman and GVP recognises her) sounds pleasing as always.

            Yen aala Paaka Poren, mellow duet arranged neatly with soft guitar in prelude trailed by ghatam and surprise aalaap by K G Ranjith in the latter half makes this song enticing. Imman's tune is cakewalk for Shreya Goshal and lady aces it in her own way. Haricharan is on a roll this year and in second track in kayal, Paravaya parakurom too he excels in singing. Imman's arrangement with impressive drums throughout the song, violin parts, ghatam, subtle guitar and other sounds easily surpasses the passable tune. Prabhu solomon soundtrack is incomplete without a countryside folk song but Deeyalo Deeyalo is not as captivating as Prabhu-Imman's previous track record in this genre. However eclectic sounds with clarinet and other sounds by Imman is enticing. Orathanadu Gopu sounds apt for this genre.Soundtrack's final Koodave varamaathiri with minimal orchestration and Aaromale hangover is apparent may be because of high pitched singing by the same lead singer Alphons Joseph.

Verdict: Prabhu Solomon-Imman combo scores hat-trick with Kayal and Imman gives one of the best soundtrack of 2014. Imman's orchestration is neat without overshadowing the lyrics which is rare among the contemporary music scenario.

My rating: 8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Yenga Pulla irukka, Unna ippa paakanum, Yengirundhu vandhaayo, Yen aala Paaka poren.

You can listen to the songs

1) Yenga Pulla irukka -

2) Unna ippa paakanum -

3) Yengirundhu Vandhaayo  -

4) Yen Aala Paaka Poren -

5) Paravaya Parakurom -

6) Deeyalo Deeyalo -

7) Koodave Varamaathiri -

Monday, November 10, 2014

Music Review (Tamil) : Kaadu

Music Review (Tamil) : Kaadu
Music Composer: K

Ettu thikkum, energetic song rides mainly on thumping percussion throughout the song sung with enough spirit by Anand Aravindhakshan. Composer K's penchant for strings are evident in the orchestration. Onna pathi, a laid back relaxed tune handled by Haricharan with his exquisite singing and composer garnished the song with flute and motley of soothing sounds to set the right mood for the song. Oororam folkish song about village people by Anitha Karthikeyan and Jayamurthy in their respective versions is a passable run of the mill tune filled with austere sounds confined to the genre of the song. Uchi Malai Kaadu too folky tune by Maghizhini Manimaraan comparatively better than previous songs in the same genre because of the enticing sounds throughout the song and deftly handled interludes for the folk song. Uchi Malai kadu comes in another version with same orchestration except for the lead vocals by Vaikom Vijayalakshmi is equally good. Uyire, best song in the soundtrack  is a pleasing, neatly arranged tune by K starts with beautiful string section and interludes. Madhu Iyer did a splendid job with her vocals.

Verdict: Composer K delivers another album similar to Mahabalipuram where melodies stand apart among the other songs.

Pick of the Album: Uyire, Onna pathi, Uchi Malai Kaadu

My rating:6.5/10

Music Review (Tamil) : Anegan

Music Review (Tamil) : Anegan
Music Composer: Harris Jayaraj

      Anegan opens up with Aathadi Aathadi relaxing folkish composition using minimal orchestration native ghatam, lilting guitar at the start with lovely dosage of strings and piano. Singers Abhay Jodhpur, Dhanush, Tippu and especially Bavatharini takes the spotlight with their vocals in this soothing composition and Harris adorned this with his usual gibberish in the course of the song despite song leaves the strong reminisce of Innum konjam Neram from Maryan. Dhanush, Marana Gana Viji and Naveen Madhav's energetic rustic vocals delivered the Madras Kuthu track Danga Maari Oothari effectively and Rokesh's hilarious lyrics is instantly catchy. Harris usage of Trumpet and Nadhaswaram in the second interlude is a nice additional touch. This is one of the few songs where dhanush excels in singing.

       Harris came back to his repertoire of melodies with Thodu Vaanam which is interesting in parts like catchy chorus along with certain nifty touches by Hariharan. Soft rock with hip hop elements in the second interlude deserves the special mention however sombre tune is a drwaback. Roja Kadale flows with trance rhythmic composition sprightly sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Chinmayi supported by Sunidhi Chauhan. Harris confined to his dominion without any experimentation except for slight tabla fusion results in passable melody. Deivangal Ingae again replete with Harris touches all over the song with slight infusion of veena (or guitar riffs sounds like veena) and Sriram Parthasarathy delivers his part splendidly. YOLO (You only live once) upbeat compostion with medley of instruments like drums, trumpet, rhythmic beats etc  with the help of line of singers Shail Hada, Ramya NSK, Richard and Vicky achieved the intent of the song. Youthful compostion overall.

Verdict: Overall, Harris delivers the listenable album despite the deja-vu flavours in the melodies. However the album is not a humdrum material like his recent albums.

Pick of the Album: Danga Maari Oothari, Aathadi Aathadi, Thodu Vaanam

My rating:7.5/10

You can listen to the songs here.