Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Andhra Mess

Music Review (Tamil): Andhra Mess
Music Composer: Prashant Pillai

Aana Oona has captivating tune build around the tribal sound ambiance accentuated by percussion elements and occasional tribal cantillation. Particularly second interlude is quite enticing and the thumping sound is complemented well by Amrit Rao's exuberant singing. Orey Oor is a haunting tune and the gloomy mood is bolstered further by Prashant Pillai's minimal orchestration especially those whistling sound in the background and brilliant ghatam usage along with chimes throughout the song. K S Krishnan behind the mic has done apposite rendition of Kutty Revathi's thoughtful lyrics. Sittham, too treads the soundscape of the previous track, eerie tune and the effect is actualized with assorted sounds in the background. Song rides mainly on the Mathangi's brilliant vocal range, however languorous pacing of the tune is the minor grouse of the song which makes this one may work well with visuals but not as a standalone track. In Sittham's Hindi version, orchestration is kept intact as in original version while Mathangi, Hafiz Khan and Preethi Pillai rendition remains top notch in this one also. Sittham's remix version is surprisingly seven minutes long loaded with electronic sounds but still the song is underwhelming compared to the original one.

The loot plan instrumental, brilliant concoction of punchy percussion along with brilliant guitar strums towards the end and Prashant Pillai brings out heist flavor very well in this two minute instrumental theme. The Loot ride theme also sound mixed in an intriguing manner with occasional brass and harmonica sounds peppered generously throughout the song. Two liberated soul is catchy among the three instrumental theme especially for its brilliant guitar usage and this one also carries the same atmosphere like other two instrumentals. 

Verdict: Prashant Pillai delivered an unconventional partially engaging soundtrack in his first full fledged Tamil movie debut and the songs may not become chart busters given its thematic soundscape.

My rating:7.75/10

Pick of the Album: Aana Oona, Ore Oor, Loot plan and Two liberated soul