Saturday, September 9, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Spyder

Music Review (Tamil): Spyder
Music Composer: Harris Jayaraj

Boom Boom's tune is a usual Harris Jayaraj material, but the mild Eastern flavoured background and the alluring sounds throughout the songs with Keba Jeremiah's racing guitar strums do wonders. Nikhita Gandhi owns this song with the right attitude and the song is an engaging listen despite treads on the familiarity zone and Karky's lyrics make it an interesting song till it lasts. Ciciliya Ciciliya is fairly good melody backed by guitar laden arrangements and Harris throws his gibberish sounds for the chorus. The percussion rhythms in the background gel well with the chorus while particularly loved the classical tinged brief moment by Sakthishree which is accompanied by mild classical flute by Jayanth. Overall, a lovely melody which is sung well by Haricharan and Sakthishree.

Aali Aali falls into the predictable groove and the tune sounds to be outdated while Brijesh Tripati Sandilya, Harini and Jogi Sunitha pump up the energy to this song. Harris channels his Andangakka sounds in the charanam portions effectively. However, the song is an engaging one, thanks to the lovely Manoj's solo violin and Seenu's Mridangam in the second interlude. Otrai Iravukai's absurd rhyming lyrics and fangled rendition by Pravin Saivi and Christopher Stanley aside, the track is a decent one from Harris and Sathya Prakash owns the second half with his semi-classical second half. Though the switch to classical stuff sounds discordant, Harris makes up with neat arrangements throughout the song. Spyder On Mission sticks to the composer's latest penchant for Techno sounds and the short track is adequate background material and fails to make an impact as a standalone theme.

Verdict: Harris Jayaraj's dependable sounds throughout the soundtrack and the tracks are engaging one despite borders on the familiarity.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Ciciliya Ciciliya, Boom Boom, Aali Aali