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Music Review (Tamil/Malayalam) : Solo

Music Review (Tamil/Malayalam) : Solo
Music Composer: Assorted Composers

Roshomon's buoyant and lively tune has the Russian folk music flavour and Alok Kulkarni's jaunty guitar is undeniably star of the song. The underlying programming by Sreerag Saji brings out the accordion sounds quite effectually. Overall, Prashant Pillai opens this multi-composer soundtrack with a highly infectious stunning track crooned by the string of singers led by Ashwin Gopakumar. Filter coffee selects Jog Raag based classical song Sajan More Ghar Aaye and builds the fantastic atmosphere around it with Swarupa Ananth's brilliant Konnakol and Jhanvi Srimankar's splendid rendition. The unconventional musical structure accompanied by Govind's solo violin cues make this one an engaging song till it lasts. Sooraj S Kurup of Valleem Thetti Pulleem Thetti fame delivers the song of the soundtrack in this multi-composer soundtrack. The classical song crooned in a splendid manner by Renuka Arun after Endaro in Telugu and she aces the classical rendition brilliantly. Hope composers utilize her vocals frequently. Sooraj's minimal sounds in the background accentuate the reverberating vocals.

World of Siva opens up with Masala Coffee's Aal Ayaal and the track is synchronous with the band's signature sounds rooted in Malayalam folk. Sooraj Santosh aces the vocals part as usual while adorning the track with magnificent arrangements topped by Krishnaraj's violin and awesome bass guitar work by Paul Joseph. The song's reprise version is done in a more stylish manner with much emphasis on Preeth P S's guitar strums and Sooraj's vocals. Thaikkudam Bridge reproduced the famous Aigiri Nandini and gave the haunting treatment to the track and the Govind's gloomy rendition and vocal texture gel perfectly with the arrangements. The arrangements turned towards the expected rock genre but the violin and guitar solos make this one easily works despite the overall familiar sound. The track has predominantly the sound of Thaikkudam bridge's latest brilliant album Navarasam. Govind presents his another adapted classical track Shiv Taandav composed by Raghini Bhagwat and the energetic arrangements sung in an effectual manner by Saylee Talwalkar works seamlessly. The drums rhythm and the singer's vocals amalgamate well and make this one wonderful listen.

Madras Kuthu meets the rap in Singa Kutty in the track composed by Sez on the beat. Though the track is less intriguing compared to other tracks in the album, Chinna Ponnu's vocals and Balasubramani's Nadhaswaram keeps the song afloat amidst other sounds.Thoovanam is the conventional mainstream sound in the album composed by Abhinav Bansal and the tune is a cakewalk for Vijay Yesudas. The tune didn't work for me except for the brilliance of the lead singer. Harish Sivaramakrishnan effectually recreated their hit boat song and the pulsating rock fusion easily works and the thittithara is the highlight in this highly effectual song while Agam brilliantly infuses the serene version of boat song in Uyiraagi especially the way Thittithara is incorporated. Shashaa Tripathi gives life to the song with her mellifluous vocals.

Separation is led by Ashitha Ajit's brilliant vocals and Gaurav Godkindi's serene arrangements topped by solo violin intermittently.Karaiyaadhe is another sing-along soft rock song crooned by Siddharth Basrur splendidly. The arrangements are dominated by typical English pop sound but work beautifully till it lasts. You is an English version of Karaiyaadhe and Siddharth owns the song with his pitch-perfect vocals.

Verdict: Extraordinary soundtrack for an anthology film and Bejoy Nambiar extracted another brilliant album from the multiple composers after David.

My Rating:9/10

Pick of the Album: Just listen to the whole Album and you won't regret.