Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Music Review (Tamil): Chandramouli

Music Review (Tamil): Mr.Chandramouli
Music Composer: Sam CS

Kallooliye instantly reminds of the composer's underrated album Kadalai and Sam CS's vocal processing further cements the similarity to Kannukulla Vandhu from Kadalai. However composer makes up for that with the trendy and cool arrangements in the background with ample support from Swagatha Krishna in the second half. Kandapadi is an intriguing and imaginative musical concoction where rustic vocals of Guna meets the Jazzy world. Apart from the free-flowing tune structure, there is a lot to like in the arrangements starting from brilliant Nathan's clarinet solos in the prelude to playful keys and violin solos in the interludes.

Yedhedho Aanene takes time to sink in the minds of the listeners especially with the Pallavi and the unsettling soundscape, but Sam CS makes it work with the stunning Ilayaraja'esque charanam portions. Though Sam CS's does a decent job with respect to vocals, Chinmayi steals the show with her pitch-perfect rendition and the arrangements by the composer continuous to be captivating one especially the Carnatic guitar strums in the first interlude.Sam CS ensures that the most pedestrian track in the album also has few interesting elements to it and Raajadhi Raja falls into the category. The tune starts with interesting playful tone but turns out to be awkward hodge-podge tune bits which fail to turn into an enjoyable song. Ranjith's vocals being the only highlight in an otherwise passable song.Theeradho Vali's piece de Resistance is absolutely Manonmani's Sarangi solos which sounds almost as another singer along with Haricharan. Sam CS sets the haunting soundscape for the melancholy and the lead singer sounds fabulous and it's a delight to hear the singer's improvisations along with the Sarangi bits.Mr.Chandramouli's waltzy soundscape is gorgeous and the composer adorns the tune with the beautiful strings section by Chennai Strings orchestra and the Kamalakhar's melodica in the prelude. Brinda Sivakumar, Sister of Surya debuts as a singer and does the decent job with respect to vocals supported by the composer himself.

Verdict: Sam CS is on a roll and though Mr.Chandramouli lacks an instant appealing tracks, the composer's tunes and arrangements are definitely intriguing and enjoyable.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Yedhedho Aanene, Kandapadi, Theeradho Vali.

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.