Saturday, April 14, 2018

Music Review (Malayalam): Aravindante Athidikal

Music Review (Malayalam): Aravindante Athidikal
Music Composer: Shaan Rahman

Kanne Thaai Malare is trademark Shaan Rahman melody aced by the whispery vocals of Vineeth Srinivasan. Composer layers the melody with the minimal arrangements dominated by keys and the soundscape instantly takes the listeners back to his Thattathin Marayathu days. Rasathi's ARR'esque melody accompanied by Josy Alappuzha's flute and Cochin strings arrangements makes it a pleasant listen. Liya Susan Varghese's sargams and native percussion elements are enchanting and the Rasathi loop is an instant catchy one despite Vineeth Srinivasan's edgy vocals especially in high pitch portions. Anne Amie gets another brilliant song Anandhame for Shaan Rahman after Edhu Meghamaari in Kochava Paulo Ayyappa Coelho and the singer's pitch-perfect rendition makes this an enchanting listen. She is becoming my recent favourite singer in Malayalam industry especially after Kilivathilin from Pullikkaran Staraa. One wishes that composer could have churned this one as the full-fledged song instead of less than two minutes one. Endhe Kanna's exotic sounding arrangements and Megha Josekutty's mellifluous vocals is another undisputable winner from the composer. Shaan Rahman ends the melodious soundtrack with the fast pacing melody (and also devotional one I think going by the lyric, though not sure) Kripaakari Devi sung by mithun Jayaraj and the chenda rhythm is the nice touch by the composer despite sounds to be the synthesised one.

Verdict: Shaan Rahman once again proves his mettle with the melodious soundtrack of Aravindante Athidikal.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the album: Anandhame, Rasathi, Endhe Kanna

P.S You can listen to the songs on Saavn.