Friday, May 15, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Demonte Colony

Music Review (Tamil): Demonte Colony
Music composer : Keba Jeramiah 

Vaada Vaa Machi has an undeniable Anirudh's composition stamp all over it and the feel gets further accentuated by Anirudh's vocals. However, cult Thalaivar dialogue and guitars in the prelude along with enticing nathaswaram work  throughout the song deserve special mention.The passable tune is the minor grouse in this composition.Keba Jeramiah shows his prowess in guitar work with Dummy Piece and Imman rendered the song with enough liveliness and his fangled rendition aids the song very well. Apart from guitar work, brass sections, country styled sax,  percussion elements, acapella by playback chorus are also enjoyable.Trap of the beast sticks true to the title of the song with frenzy, brilliant guitar work by Keba Jeramiah. Arunraja Kamaraj tries to bring out the beast in his voice, but lyrics got totally sabotaged. Ranina Reddy fared better in that aspect by maintaining a fair balance in rendition and feel.Mystery unfolds, expansive theme with grand intimidating piano in the start and ends in a high note with exploding guitar work. Icing on the cake is surely Andrea Jeremiah's stunning backing vocals although confined to mostly humming.The curse of Demonte is another neat instrumental theme by Keba Jeremiah where sweeping string sounds steal the show. Surely this will appeal much better with visuals.

Verdict: Keba Jeremiah's debut soundtrack is short, confined well within the genre of the movie. Although album sans any standout track, instrumental theme delivered by Keba surely will elevate the mood of the visual.

My rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Dummy Piece, Mystery unfolds, Trap of the beast

P.s: edited version of the review is available here