Sunday, June 14, 2015

Music Review (Telugu); Baahubali
Music Composer: M M Keeravani

Sivuni Anna's grand orchestration peaks with majestic percussion towards the end and mounima's folky rendition is an additional bonus to the track. Rhythmic tune gels well with the expansive arrangements. Pacha bottasi's tune and orchestration take us back in time while Karthik and Damini bolstered the song with their impeccable vocals. Mamatata Thalli is the wonderful melange of painful mellow and extensive orchestration. Keeravani's symphonic arrangements with strings and flute sounds makes this song an arresting piece.Nippula Swasa ga once again Keeravani does magic with symphonic arrangements and surely music will elevate the grand visuals in the movie. More than the tune, violins and trumpet rules the track. Manohari carries the tribal ambience around it with wonderful percussion accentuating the effect while Keeravani aces in churning out a hummable tune and Mohanu Bagaraju along with Revanth delivers their part well. Dhivara mixes the periodic filmy tune with contemporary sounds and Ramya Behera's scintillating vocals aids the song very much. Chorus band pop like portions are enchanting and the song's English version is more westernised Jazzy one along with sequencing sounds makes this  better compared to Telugu version. Ramya Behera's singing is a great asset to the track. Geetha Madhuri's soulful rendition and wailing violin to support her makes an impact in Jeeva Nadhi despite being a short one.

Verdict: M M Keeravni's soundtrack for Baahubali stays true to the aura around the movie - Grand and majestic.

My rating: 7.75/10

Pick of the Album: Dhivara, Manohari, Sivuni Anna