Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Music Review(Tamil): Rajini Murugan
Music Composer: Imman

Title track is usual mediocre hero introduction song and tune is passable at its best.Arrangements have composer's stamp all over it dominated by thumping energetic percussion with occasional folk touches and classical guitar solo in the second interlude. Song's major impetus is Sivakarthikeyan's enthusiastic vocals.After a middling start to the album Imman scores with his trademark melody Un Mela Oru Kannu which starts like Kayal song and arrangements also reminiscent of composer's early works. Singers Jithinraj and Mahalakshmi Iyer mitigates those minor grouses and makes this song enjoyable till it lasts with their vocals.Aavi Parakkum Teakadai is another mediocre and dredged from Imman's stockpile of tunes. Imman's  arrangements also pale and lacks any wit despite enough support from V M Mahalingam and Badava Gopi. Only solace being a violin solo in the second interlude in an otherwise weakest track in the album.Jigiru Jigiru adds as another conventional folk song from Imman and tone of most of the songs in this album becomes monotonous. Diwakar and Kaplana Ragavendar tries to push the confined framework in which song traverse but their vocals too didn't help much either. Sivakathikeyan's screen presence and dance movements in the visual only makes this work.Though the song has traditional Imman's arrangements, famous one-liner in the lyrics and releasing Yennamma Ippadi Panreengalaema as a single makes gave enough push to makes this instantly likeable compared to other songs in the album. Imman did a wonderful and commendable job as a singer too. At last club mix version of Yennadi Ippadi Panreengalaema gives much-needed digression from the repetitive feel of the album. However, this song also appears forceful and rap portions by Aryan dhinesh also passable and the song ends without any significant impact on the listeners.

Verdict: Overall Rajini Murugan soundtrack is average work from the composer given its much hype around the movie and it's far behind the  enjoyable Ponram-Imman's previous work.

My rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the album: Yennamma Ippadi Panreengalaema, Un Mela oru kannu