Friday, June 26, 2015

Music Review (Fusion Album): Indosoul

Music Review (Fusion Album): Indosoul
Music Composer: Karthick Iyer live

Boundless, starts with a solo mridangam piece and turns out to be a musical interplay between Sumesh Narayanan's Mridangam and Karthick Iyer's violin interspersed well with the drums and guitars. Song reaches the crescendo and turns out to be a feast for listeners. Although shortest track in the album, the output is thoroughly enjoyable and paves the way for more awesomeness. In Clown's Junket, initial one minute Vikram Vivekanand shows his prowess with the guitar in a contemporary pop'ish manner and then Karthick Iyer's enters foray and steals the show with the hummable violin accompanied by Sumesh's percussion. Karthick's violin traverse from sombre to upbeat mood aided well by the percussions. Mid Air is a brilliant energetic concoction of electric violin, mridangam, drums and electric guitar. Only grouse is electric guitar work didn't gel well with the flow of the tune in the middle in an otherwise commendable fusion instrumental. The best of the lot is undeniably Saranga Convergence starts off in a mild note by Karthick Iyer for initial 2 minutes but soon screeching offbeat sound from the electric guitar. Things get much better with konnakol by Sumesh and Karthick Iyer ends the song in a blissful violin. Overall seven minutes of blissful listen in the album. At the theatres is the only vocal track of the album sung by Karthick Iyer starts off with nod along guitar riffs from Vikram and then Karthick enters with playing the base tune of the song in violin. Loved the way Karthick imbibed the Carnatic touch to the English lyrics. In the second half of the song tamil lyrics and in the background percussions dominate the sounds. Once again Karthick ends the song in a wonderful manner. Rejoicing in Raghuvamsa is true to its title where every instrumental is played in the sprightly mood especially violin supported by other instruments. Wonderful end to the album.

Verdict:  Wonderful Carnatic fusion  debut album from Karthick Iyer. Must listen for all music lovers.

Album Credits

Performed by Karthick Iyer Live
Violins/Vocals/Lyrics - Karthick Iyer
Guitars - Vikram Vivekanand
Bass guitar - Naveen Napier
Mridangam/percussion - Sumesh Narayanan
Drums - Ramkumar Kanakarajan
Percussion(At the Theatres) - Allwyn Paul
Mixed by Biju James, Bob Phukan
Mastered by Andy Bartow
Recorded at VGP studios, Aura Studios

Pick of the Album: All tracks.

You can listen to the full album here