Monday, September 7, 2015

Music Review (Tamil) - 49-O

Music Review (Tamil) - 49-O
Music Composer: K

In Amma Pole, K takes the Imman's recent soundscape for the rural song which is laden with rhythmic thumping percussions, occasional captivating string sounds in the interludes. Jayamoorthy's rustic vocals are apt for the Yugabarathi's simple and well-written lyrics about the importance of rain to the farmers.

          Aruvava Kannu Rendum starts with brilliant mandolin prelude and Abhay Jodhpurkar takes over the pleasant ear-warming melody which is engaging till it lasts. K spruces up the orchestration with Ghatam, Kanjira and other assorted sounds to bring out the feel of the song.K churns out brilliant inspirational song in Innum Ethanai Kaalam Varai where both Thenisai Chellapa hoarse vocals and orchestration by K complements each other very well. Particularly loved the K's arrangements with the racy mix of string sections, parade like brass cum drum sounds interspersed with haunting flute bits in tandem with the composer's style. Yugabarathi’s lyrics deserves special mention. Easily this one is best of the album.Vote Podunga is a quirky song in Hariharasudhan vocals with native folk instruments interspersed with amusing satirical speeches and Yugabarathi's funny as well as thought provoking lyrics. Tune by K is rather conventional which may work well with visuals and placement of the song in the movie.

Verdict: K delivers quite a short and functional rural thematic soundtrack after an impressive Kirumi for Goundamani's comeback movie.

My rating: 7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Innum Ethanai Kaalam Varai, Aruvava Kannu Rendum

You can listen to the songs here.