Monday, September 21, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Akhil

Music Review (Telugu): Akhil
Music Composer: Anup Rubens and Thaman

Hey Akhil is pretty much an outdated techno song which is conventional both in tune and also in arrangements. Song is particularly made to showcase Akhil Akkineni's dance prowess on screen. Krishna Chaitanya's lyrics are trendy, situational filler one to suit the tune. Rahul Pandey and Anup Rubens earnest singing is the only solace in an otherwise typical introduction song. Nennekkadunte is an another techno sound with heavily auto tuned vocals of Ranjith and Sharanya while the song suffers from the lack of freshness and also cohesiveness in terms of arrangements. Among the assorted sounds created by Anup Rubens, only blaring guitar work stands out and the song takes the numerous twist in terms of arrangements but didn't appeal much as a package. Zara Zara Navvaradhe is a typical Anup Ruben's tune and with line of singers in the credit list, it's difficult to discern their vocals, mostly may be due to auto-tuning of the vocals. However, tune wise this one is simple and one cannot shrug off the deja vu feel of the song. Anup Ruben's template with techno elements in this album goes overboard when fourth song in the album, Akkineni Akkineni too features the similar soundscape. Anup's tune is rhythmic and easy on ears while Divya Kumar, Barghavi, Uma Neha and Mohana handles the Krishna Chaitanya's 'matching' lyrics effectually. Padessave is the only song composed by Thaman and it's the best of the soundtrack despite being Thaman's stamp all over the song. Karthik's and M M Mansi vocals being the strength of this track with Thaman shows his presence with enjoyable foot tapping rhythmic background and interludes.

Verdict: Akhil's album is purely to satiate the expectations to make Akhil Akkineni as an another commercial hero from Akkineni family. Anup Ruben ensures the same with his cool techno packed songs. However Thaman's solo song stands apart in an otherwise passable album.

My rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Padessave, Zara Zara Navvaradhe, Hey Akhil