Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Miscellaneous Listen - 2

Title song - Dhanak : Tapas Relia's composition is astonishingly beautiful and the tenderness in Monali Thakur's lullaby'ish rendition is soothing while Tapas pitched in with serene arrangements backed by the lovely mix of flute and Sarangi throughout this gorgeously composed track.

Dum - A- Dum - Dhanak : The evergreen classic Dum-A-Dum has been reimagined by Tapas also and the composer blends Chet Dixon's English verses and Devu khan Manganiyar's earthy vocals reciting the famous stanzas. Tapas brilliantly fused the folksy percussions and also backed  by guitar laden arrangements while it's amusing to hear Chet Dixon rendering the Mast Kalandar verses towards the end.

Aaha Identha: - Niruttara: Zitar maestro Niladri Kumar's debut album in Kannada is absolutely brilliant and turned out to be totally non-filmy Kannada soundtrack. The best of the album is Aaha Identha, serene tune accompanied by soothing arrangements with minimal drums and enticing harp-like sounds while Balachandra Prabhu aces with his engaging vocals.