Saturday, October 31, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Inji Iduppazhagi

Music Review (Tamil): Inji Iduppazhagi
Music Composer: M M Keeravani

          In Size zero, Maragadhamani mixes Punjabi dhol beats, harmonium and brief mandolin strings in the prelude deftly while Madhan Karky's imaginative lyrics about the benefits of size zero aids the song very well. Neethi Mohan, Prakash Raj along with chorus makes this one enjoyable listen with lyrics being the undeniable winner in this fun filled track. Mella Mella, breezy guitar laden track in soft rock genre with enticing violin string section mix in the middle of the song and minimal drums cum synth sounds throughout the song. Shwetha Pandit nails the singing part with her mellifluous vocals. Cycle is a typical EDM track filled with conventional electronic sounds and Maragadhamani's stock tune didn't help the song much. Ranjith prods the weak tune with his buoyant vocals but the singer also unable to salvage the conventional track.

           Madhan Karky's imaginative, amusing lyrics being the only solace in Size Sexy which is repleted with familiar percussion beats throughout the song. Ramya NSK's rendition along with funky chorus sections helps this song to a certain extent but the uninspiring tune is the major let down in this well-written whacky song. Mella Mella's male version appears more like an unplugged one with guitar sections in the original is replaced with piano. Though Kaala Bairava breezes through the song, female version fared much better compared to this one especially due to brilliant vocals of Shwetha Pandit. Maragadhamani impresses in the final song of the album Kannalam mainly due to contrasting vocals of Damini, Mohana Bhogaraju, Palak Muchhal. Especially loved the Keeravani's arrangements with Hindustani elements like Tabla, Santoor and flute for melody portions while percussion beats and Thavil for other portions of the song in tandem with the marriage theme.

Verdict: After the opulent grand score in Baahubali, Maragadhamani delivers kind of mixed bag in Inji Iduppazhagi with ample support from Madhan Karky.

My rating: 7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Mella Mella, Kannalam, Size Zero

You can listen to the songs here.

P.S Edited version of the review is avialbale here.