Monday, July 25, 2016

Music Review (Malayalam) : Kismath

Music Review (Malayalam) : Kismath
Music Composer: Sumesh Parameswar, Sushin Shyam, Shamej Sreedhar

Kisa Paathiyil's starts with the perfect blend of haunting santoor like keyboard sounds along with flute amidst the rainy atmosphere and what follow is the gorgeously sung melody by Sachin Balu. The song transcends into quawwali mode with the brilliant interspersing of tabla and loved the way the composer ends the song with reverberating sounds. Sumesh Parameshwar delivers Gopi Sundar like melody in Nilamanaltharikalil where rhythmic tabla sounds get fantastic support from the flute throughout the song while Harishankar KS who sang wonderful melodies for Vidyasagar aces this one also. Shreya Raghav also ably support him although with some constraints in her vocals. 

Loneliness rides on the Shreya Raghav's humming with Cochin strings chirping in with brilliant string portions giving the two minute instrumental rousing end. Chilathunam's templatized quawwali tune is elevated mainly by the pitch perfect rendition by the lead singer Madhushree with additional vocals by Anoop G Krishnan, Gakul Joseph, Neil Mathews and composer Shamej Shreedhar itself. Composer Sumesh Parameshwar recreates the traditional maapilla Paattu song Aane Madanapoo brilliantly especially loved the guitar solos by the composer itself in the second interlude. Kabeer Nallalam's rustic vocals in contrast with the arrangements gives splendid touch to the overall song. Sumersh Parameshwar is top notch in the minimally arranged resonant Vinnu Churanna while Neesa M P's impeccable rendition of the pleasant tune reminds me of the similar soundscape song in Amen (Solamanum Soshanayum). Composer throws some brilliant surprises especially Veena and as usual gorgeous guitar and bass work by Sumesh itself. Sumesh ends the soundtrack with Kismath theme, middle eastern touch to the instrumental and pleasant humming makes its for enjoyable listen. 

Verdict: Indie musicians Sumesh Parameshwar, Sushin Shyam and Shamej Sreedhar delivered the eclectic soundtrack for the movie Kismath.

My Rating: 8.25/10

Pick of the Album: Kisa Paathiyil, Vinnu Churanna, Nilamanaltharikalil

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.