Saturday, July 2, 2016

Miscellaneous Listens

Game of Thrones- S06E10 - Light of the Seven:  Season 6 of the epic fantasy series comes to an end and most of the GOT fans going gaga over the curiosity created by the latest episode. The highlight of the final episode is the background score for the trial scene apart from the awestruck twist in the season finale. The haunting score composed by German- Iranian composer Ramin Djawadi and the score starts with grand piano reaches the crescendo with frenzy goosebump-inducing string sections and lovely chorus. The background score along with the breathtaking Cersei's plot makes this one must experience piece for both GOT lovers and music lovers.

Pakkala Nilabadi : Stumbled upon this delightful Karaharapriya based Thiyagaraja Keerthanai rendered with lovely improvisations bringing out the nuances by Haricharan and Navneeth Sundar on the Keys. Ilayaraja's created some wonderful classics based on this Raaga like Poo Malarndhida in Tic Tic Tic.

Ninnai Saranadaindhen- Bharathi : While listening to Raaga based songs, comes back to another familiar moving piece based on the Pantuvarali Raaga and Ilayaraja's Ninnai Saranadaindhen sticks out in my playlist for a while especially for Bombay Jayashree's vocals. Ilayaraja's orchestration with udukkai, flute and lovely strings is also top notch and set the right mood in sync with the blissful classical tune which gives breath to the Bharathi's lyrics.

Medapoompattum Chutti - Karinkunnam 6S : Rahul Raj continues to produce ultra-short soundtrack in 2016 and in each soundtrack there is at least one enjoyable song. Medapoompattum Chutti is the one in Karinkunnam 6s and the song has an easily accessible tune with Najim Arshad aces the vocal portions. Rahul Raj kept the orchestration simple and likeable with flutes and sweeping string sections.Though the song is of less than 3 minutes duration, the listening experience lingers in our mind after the song ends also. Thanks to the ear-pleasing tune and arrangements.