Sunday, July 24, 2016

Music Review (Telugu): Babu Bangaram

Music Review (Telugu): Babu Bangaram
Music Composer: Ghibran

Mallela Vaanala has an ear pleasing tune and although the arrangements has nothing extraordinary to offer, Ghibran throws few enticing sounds especially brief violin solos segued into the tune dominated with techno sounds. Naresh Iyer's effortless rendition of the simple charming tune Snehithudo's average tune is propped up by Ghibran's layered orchestration especially with flute and string sections throughout the song.  The classical guitar portion in the second interlude portion is a highlight in the decntly packaged song in the album while only grouse being the meandering tune and Ranjith KG spruces up the tune to certain extent.

Dhandame Ettukuntam tune treads along the Run Raja Run's Bujjima with Gold Devaraj's rustic vocals and umped the mass factor with thumping percussions, but this one lacks catchy tune as the composer's debut soundtrack. The only highlight being the charming orchestration with Guitar played in a classical manner and Nadaswaram bits in the interludes.Raaka Raaka opens up with pleasant mandolin prelude and conventional brief chorus and Ghibran's tune once again dominated by progressive trance like sound. Though the orchestration is rich especially classical guitar interspersed with techno sounds, the average tune bogs down the song. Chinmayi and Yazin Nizar's lively rendition works to the song's favour. Dhilluna Vaade's arrangements are adequately fiery enough similar to man on fire from Jil. Ghibran interspersed beautifully classical arrangements amidst the grungy guitar and thumping percussions. The lyrics as usual pandering about the typical Police protagonist in Telugu movies and Ghibran's enticing arrangements makes up for the average tune. Ghibran ends up the soundtrack with cacophonous Babu Bangaram theme where both techno sounds and intermittent vocals comes off as screeching one without adding much value to the soundtrack.

Verdict: Ghibran's third soundtrack in Telugu is the weakest one when compared to Run Raja Run and Jil. The soundtrack lacks the memorable, catchy tune and the composer's rich orchestration salvages the otherwise average soundtrack.

My Rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Mallela Vaanala, Snehithudo, Dhilluna Vaade  

P.S You can listen to the soundtrack in Youtube.