Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Miscellaneous listens

Maati is the sublime listen in the vocals of Rahul Mukherjee and the singer excels with his nuanced singing. Particularly loved the manner charanam portions are structured while serene background orchestration especially string instrument usage gives the song soothing effect. Pooja Shankar pitches in the second half with her rustic vocals and Oh Haiya chorus reverberates in the listener's mind once the song comes to an end.

Gaanja  is incredibly foot tapping and folk fusion once again works beautifully throughout the song. Pooja Shankar and Randeep Bhaskar's splendid singing accompanied by percussion and enchanting Tapas Roy's stroke instruments work to the song's favor.

Thillana is a musical masterpiece from Sanjay Divecha's band where the classical fusion has been done in a splendid manner. Apart from the brilliant improvisations with electrical guitar played with the classical twist by Sanjay Divecha himself, the song features another talented Tapas Roy's brilliant incorporation of saaz and Bouzouki. On the vocal front, Chandan Bala holds her classical prowess exceptionally well and Raman Mahadevan ably supports her in this spellbinding 7 minutes fusion track.

Vivek Sagar's Pelli Choopulu is also whiff of fresh music akin to the movie and the composer has done fabulous work in Ee babu Gariki with the arrangements featuring enjoyable violin solos, jazzy keys while Sooraj Santosh aces the lilting hummable tune exceptionally well.

Kannada music industry churning out brilliant albums this year with most of the young talents gives incredibly fine albums. Dheerendra Doss from Live banned band debuts as a music composer in Puta Tirugesi Nodi. Mugilu Matte Matte is the song of the album with the highly catchy tune sung perfectly by Joel Dubba while composer throws out few upbeat string sections and made this song an enticing listen in the album.