Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Music Review (Tamil) : Mupparimanam

Music Review (Tamil) : Mupparimanam
Music Composer: GV Prakash Kumar

Sokki Poraandi is a pleasing folk-tinged melody and GV Prakash's orchestration are aptly soothing flows in tandem with the melody of the song. Composer effectively utilised the percussions throughout the song and managed to blend the foot tapping percussions without ruining the pleasant melody part. Al Rufian and Maalavika Sundar ably support with the vocals.Kannodu Kannodu starts off well with the Satyaprakash displaying his singing prowess but soon mired into the bland EDM template and even singer also unable to salvage the languishing tune. The auto tuning of Satyaprakash's vocals makes him sound like the composer himself. 

GV Prakash strikes a chord with an absolute winner in the soundtrack in the form of Uyirile Uyirile. The composer propped the breezing semi-classical melody with the impressive usage of ghatam throughout the song and the classical violin and flute in the interludes are the splendid piece from the composer. The tune is a cake-walk for Vijay Prakash and the man nails the singing portion as always.Yaar Ivano has the weaker tune accompanied by the tepid techno sounds in the background while Santosh Hariharan, brief violin solos and the rock-tinged guitar riffs make up for the weaker tune to some extent. However, this song is an underwhelming work from the composer.Let's go Party, once again dives into uninteresting techno dominated track while Varun Parandhaman's vocals and MC vickey's  rap portions salvage this uninspiring song. The EDM sounds transcending into kuthu towards the end are perfunctory and fails to elevate the level of the song.

Verdict: GV Prakash's Mupparimanam is strong in melodies with an absolute gem in the form of Uyirile whereas EDM tracks are disappointing affair from the composer.

My Rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Uyirile Uyirile, Sokki Poraandi