Sunday, February 19, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Winner

Music Review (Telugu): Winner
Music Composer: Thaman

Suyaa Suyaa's cringe worthy pedestrian lyrics aside, the template of the song is threadbare one with hardly any interesting elements in both arrangements as well as the tune. The song reminds of the multitude of similar compositions, one can come across in any Telugu album. Anurag Kulkarni and Suma Kanakala's vocals provide respite in an otherwise passable opening song of the album. Sitara Sitara is no different from Thaman's pleasing compositions, but the song has a lot of elements to like for and makes Sitara easily listenable one in the album. The song gains highly from the vocal support of Yazin Nizar, who gets to croon one enjoyable melody in most of the Telugu albums. The flute hook is the catchy one which Thaman used effectively.
Pichonne Aiyipoya is a harmless techno dominated track with the mix of Telugu and Hindi lyrics while Thaman's autotuned vocals continue to hamper the listener's mood.It's difficult to discern the vocals of the three lead singers Deepak, Christopher Stanley and Sai Charan. The peppy dance track works considerably well mainly because of foot tapping tune although treads on the familiar zone.Bhajrangabali has a string of singers lead by MLR Karthik and the tune, as well as arrangements, are adequately revolutionary complementing the inspirational lyrics invoking Che Guevera. Though the song stays low key throughout, there is a lovely pleasant brief transition towards the end of the track. Overall, an engaging song which needs visual to create an impact on the listeners.Naa B C Centerlu as apparent from the song title, is the mandatory mass number which seems to be inevitable in any commercial Telugu albums. Surprisingly, the usage of percussions are kept at an acceptable level and lovely usage of guitar strums for the song of this genre. Nakash Aziz breezes through the song effectively while Sharmila aptly supports him. Compared to other songs. this song features an interesting usage of instruments.

Verdict: Minimum guarantee soundtrack from Thaman and he continue to deliver what expected out of the commercial composer in Telugu Industry.

My Rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Sitara Sitara, Naa B C Centerlu, Pichonne Ayipoya