Friday, February 10, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Dora

Music Review (Tamil): Dora
Music Composer : Vivek-Mervin

Enga Pora's breezy guitar laden melody is an adequately engaging one with lilting chorus sections and the heard before feel is difficult to shrug off. Vivek Merwin, however, scores easily with the nifty touches in the interludes packed with competent Carnatic style string sections and Kanjira touches is a winsome one while Mervin Solomon's competent singing makes it worthwhile listen.  Vaazhavudu's background is crammed with foot tapping beats, Keba Jeremiah's guitar strums topped with curious sounds in the interludes and Vignesh Shivan's free flowing lyrics aids the song, however the tune lies in the weaker side comparatively. Vivek Siva and Sanjana lifts the song with the splendid attitude in their vocals.

Ra Ra is an interesting song from Vivek- Merwin and the composers mix the panting sounds adeptly with the peculiar synthesised sounds throughout the song. Anirudh Ravichander complements the tempo of the song with the punchy vocals and the melody structure reminds of Veera Vinayaka from Vedhalam, however, the singer makes this on engaging one with a lot of support from Keba Jeremiah.
Break Loose, thriller themes are difficult to envisage without the haunting piano keys as a base and Break loose has the steady persistent key rhythm topped with gibberish humming sounds. Vivek Merwin creates the atmospheric sound effectually. Run Baby Run starts off interestingly but ends up being the mediocre techno dominated song with forgettable rap portions. The Evil within, another techno sound dominated theme track, sounds far interesting mainly due to the eccentric vocal sample. Composer builds the theme track exceptionally well around that unconventional vocal. The piano base returns again in Ssearch for the truth with the tinge of melancholy humming accompanied by the brief violin solo. Composer ends the theme with the variant of Enga Pora Dora. Composer duo ends the soundtrack with This is it theme, most grandly orchestrated theme track and also falls in the generic category.

Verdict: Vivek - Mervin scored the hattrick of sorts in Dora after Vadacurry and Pugazh. Composer duo's songs are consistently engaging and competent one.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Enga Pora Dora, Evil within, Ra Ra Ra