Monday, December 11, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Middle Class Abbayi

Music Review (Telugu): Middle Class Abbayi
Music Composer: Devisri Prasad

The title track is the rehashed version of DSP's stock tune and instead of singing by himself, DSP relegated it to quite an effectual singer Nakash Aziz. However, the singer is repeatedly relegated to the similar type of songs by Devisri Prasad. Chandrabose's lyrics are strictly pedestrian and serves the purpose adequately. Kothaga Kothaga is relatively better melody although strictly lies within the comfort zone of the composer. Sagar and Priya Himesh makes this one saleable although the tune invokes deja-vu feel. DSP kept the arrangements simple and prodded by quite an effective violin solos by Balaji.

Family Party is a foot tapping song with the outburst of energetic vocals from Jaspreet Jasz and though the tune is strictly mediocre and outdated one, the peppy outlook of the song make this one an enjoyable fare from the composer. Yemaindho Teliyadhu Naaku's simple melody remains greatly listenable for the ever-reliable vocals of Karthik and Deepika V. DSP's neat arrangements topped by brilliant veena solos by Devi in the interludes and upbeat mandolin by the composer itself. The simple rhythm and the composer's trademark melody makes this one works to a certain extent. Yevandoi Naani Gaaru's meandering tune is made tolerable by the vocals of Divya Kumar and Shravana Bharghavi despite the diction is mangled by Divya Kumar. Apart from the catchy title hook and the punching percussions, the song has very little to offer.

Verdict: DSP throws another predictable album and the tracks are the highly rehashed version of the composer's stock tunes.

My Rating: 6.5/10

Pick  of the Album: Yemaindho Teliyadhu Naaku, Kothaga Kothaga

P.S You can listen to the songs in Youtube.