Thursday, January 18, 2018

Music Review (Tamil): Nimir

Music Review (Tamil): Nimir
Music Composer: Darbuka Siva and Ajaneesh Loknath

Poovukku's pleasant melody is uplifted by the fabulous usage of Keba Jeremiah's Ukulele and flute in the background and Swetha Mohan aces the rendition with her dependable vocals as always. Though the underlying melody is not an instantly catchy one from Darbuka Siva, the composer ensures that the arrangements are top notch and simple enough to make the track enjoyable.Vaazhum Valluvare is a short track which is an ode to the great Poets in Tamil and Darbuka Siva's serene prayer like soundscape works despite being the very short track. The kids choir V Priyadarshini, Apoorva, Aparajitha and Jyothsna Akilan did a commendable job with the vocals.Epodhum Unmael Nyabagam's weak link is the totally typical and uninteresting pathos tune. However, Ajaneesh Loknath spruces up the proceedings with the intriguing sounds in the backdrop especially lovely usage of strings and harmonica. Vijay Prakash's singing elevates the average tune considerably.

In Nenjil Maamazhai, Ajaneesh easily scores with the enjoyable melody which is amply backed by stunning rendition by Haricharan and Swetha Mohan. The maapillai Paatu styled tune is supported by few impressive arrangements with the accordion and consistently engaging Tabla rhythm.
Darbuka Siva returns to the soundtrack with the absolutely charming melody Yaenadi, which is crooned to perfection by Haricharan. Composer's upbeat light rhythm structure and the expansive interludes portions makes this one enjoyable and easily reminds of the composer latest hit song for Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta.Darbuka Siva does even better in the semi-classical melody Geedhara Kiliye and SathyaPrakash's phenomenal vocals make this one easily the best song on the album. The singer's improvisations and the short duel between the Sargam and violin in the prelude are easily the highlights of this intriguing track on the album.

Verdict: Darbuka Siva and Ajaneesh Loknath deliver highly melodious, and light-hearted album for Priyadharshan's Nimir.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the album: Geedhara Kiliye, Yaenadi, Nenjil Maamazhai 

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.