Friday, January 19, 2018

Music Review (Tamil): Kee

Music Review (Tamil): Kee
Music Composer: Vishal Chandrashekar

Raaja Paatu's hipster outlook aside, the lyrics by Madhan Karky and tune is far away from the promising title of the track. Sri Rascol's roller coaster rap portions and Vishal Chandrashekar's trippy techno sounds in the background makes this one listenable till it lasts. Vishal does considerably better in the second track, Kaadhoram where the composer effectually uses Puyal Mazhainil hook and the orchestration around that hook especially the usage of the oboe is adequately engaging to clasp the listeners. Sindhuri Vishal crooned the song with aplomb and Vijay Prakash easily scores with his effectual rendition backed up by Sathya Prakash and Nikhil Mathew.

Pattikichu Paathiya once again suffers from the strictly average tune and the composer's playful tone of the song is in tandem with the carefree lyrics by Mani Amuthavan. The pack of singers led by Devan ekamabaram who comes back after a long period and they did a decent job with respect to vocals. Apart from the few nifty touches in the arrangements, the track has very little to offer. Kattappa is an another mediocre track from Vishal Chandrasekhar and except for the buoyant trumpet usage, this is highly unexciting track from the composer. Again, the composer employed line of singers led by Krishna Prasad, however passable lyrics and uninspiring tune makes this one exhausting listen in the album.Kuduthu Paaru Kee's short and also conventional sounding track relies largely on the Syd Ibu's energetic rendition.

Verdict: Vishal Chandrashekar's Kee is filled with low-key tracks except for the single stand-out melody track Kaadhoram. 

My Rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Kaadhoram, Pattikichu Paathiya

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.