Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Music Review (Tamil): Junga

Music Review (Tamil): Junga
Music Composer: Sidddharth Vipin

Rise of Don is a mishmash of pretty average rap portions and Suraj Jagan's fatigue singing doesn't help much. Rockstar Ramani Ammal's debut makes this song interesting to look forward, but the respite is short lived. The arrangements are strictly functional prodded by familiar brass sections and the Junga chorus helps the song to a certain extent.Amma Mela Sathiyam starts with the laborious Telugu verses and the subsequent Tamil portions don't help either. The absurd lyrics mixing Tamil and Telugu which in some instances turns out to be hilarious listen. Jagadeesh's spirited singing aside, the track has very little to offer to the listeners.

Parrys to Paris buoyant tune with the backdrop of European'esque arrangements which hardly fails and the piece de resistance of the track is undeniably Kalpana Raghavendar's operatic singing. Anthony Daasan's rustic vocals for the vaudevillian track makes an interesting combination. Siddharth Vipin ensures that arrangements are pretty neat and engaging.Lolikiriya is another tiresome listen which rides on the hackneyed brass sections and silly lyrics. The tune hardly has any interesting element and Marana Gaana Viji's singing is another weak point. It's unfortunate that Nakash Aziz's vocals are relegated to the similar kind of tracks in Tamil and Telugu.Koottipo Koodave which was released earlier as a single is the only track which works as a complete package. Siddharth Vipin's simple tune dominated by synth backgrounds adorned with the pleasant chorus. Sathyaprakash's fine vocals with ample support from Ranina Reddy makes this one an enjoyable listen especially the catchy title hook by the singer.The short Makkal Selvan Fans song is the random mix of kuthu and hard rock spearheaded by Suraj Jagan's sprightly singing.

Verdict: Siddharth Vipin's collaboration with Gokul is an underwhelming album except for the single Koottipo Koodave.

My Rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Koottipo Koodave, Parrys to Paris

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.