Monday, June 11, 2018

Music Review (Tamil) : Kadaikutty Singam

Music Review (Tamil) : Kadaikutty Singam
Image result for kadaikutty singam imagesMusic Composer: Imman

Sandakkari has Imman's stamp all over it, starting from the punctuating percussion rhythms and the sweeping string section in the interludes. Yugabharathi continues to pen easily accessible lyrics and the hackneyed tune which has been tried and tested umpteen number of times by the composer itself. Vandana Srinivasan's singing and the mesmerising charanam portions by the singer makes this one passable listen.Imman ensures that Kaalai theme is filled with stupendous energy propped up by punchy percussions and the energetic chorus. Composer infused few engaging Nathaswaram solos amidst the celebratory brass sections and the theme track surely enrich the mass moments on screen.

Thandora Kannaala starts off with an exotic flute and Santoor solos but nose-dived into composer's famous territory which relies on the trite rhythm sections. V V Prasanna salvages the languishing tune with his involved singing. The highlight of the song is an undeniably interesting twist in the second interlude with the soft rock sound accompanied by wonderful chorus and Yugabharathi's relatable lyrics invoking 'wire koodai' , Thandora etc.Vaa Jikki has an uncanny resemblance to Soi Soi and the composer didn't give enough time for the listeners to comprehend about the similarities because of the raw energy the track infuses. However, the track is pretty average and appears to be the hodgepodge of random tunes. Imman sung with enough verve.

Sengathire gains a lot from the Pradeep Kumar's nuanced singing of the classical-tinged tune and the singer's improvisations works like charm. especially in the charanam portions. Imman sets the gloomy tone with the reverberating flute solos and brilliant veena sections in the interludes.

Verdict: Imman's confined soundscape for the rural flicks turns out to be exhausting listen and it's high time for the composer to revamp his style.

My Rating:6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Sengathire, Sandakkari

P.S You can listen to the songs in  Saavn.