Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kadal- Music review

Hi guys.....

Many MNC guys may be enjoying the weekend but for me same blunted office may be because of less work feeling like this way at times came across the beautiful and soulful composition by ARR and Maniratnam combo -Kadal. Thought I'll just share my views regarding this wonderful album.

1) Chithirai Nila:
         Mozart commenced the song with a child cry and  Vijay yesudas's soulful rendition abided by Vairamuthu's hopeful lyrics makes the song enjoyable. Arrangement wise Rahman kept it simple with minimal strings and ending the song with high note.

2) Anbin Vasale :
        Haricharan's sprightly singing blends well with  wonderful harmonized chorus and the ambient sounds like bells set the right tone for the gospel song. Still felt this song is sub-par with the beautiful Anbendra Mazhaiyile. Rahman use of strings and percussion instruments gives nice effect to the overall structure of the song.
3) Adiye:
       Next comes Aaromale styled high pitch singing by debutant Sid Sriram's Adiye and bluesy-Jazz arrangement of the song makes this a compelling listen. Plethora of instruments with Piano on the background, nice rock flavour with guitar and the percussions along with wonderful Vocals gives tremendous effect. Madhan Karky lyrics deserve special mention which amalgamates well with this genre of song. Experimentation at best.

4) Moongil Thottam:
      Melody comes with bang in this album with mellifluous voice by harini and debutant Abhay Jodhpur ably supported her well. Again Rahman did magic with Piano and string instruments.

5) Nenjukulle:
      MTV already made this country side folk music already smashing hit among the music listeners. Sakthishree gopalan got  much required break through her husky voice in this beautiful soothing melody. Violin and guitar rule this song and flute bits are additional nice touch.

6) Elay Keechan:
    Here comes the western fisherman song commensurates with the title of the movie.The clap portions and exuberant singing by Rahman along with chorus and the guitar solos in the background makes this song enjoyable.Liked the tune of charanam particularly well for its fast pace.

7) Magudi Magudi:
     Only song which i didnt like much is the solo techno sound song in the album. This song didnt gel with the other songs and also it is not nearly half engaging as other rahman songs like dol dol from ayutha ezhuthu.

Verdict: Overall Rahman makes us traverse through worldly musical genres through this beautiful album Kudos to Manirathnam for extracting this lovely album from Rahman.

My pick: Moongil Thottam, Nenjukulle, Elay Keechan

My Rating: 9/10