Saturday, July 26, 2014

Music review (Tamil) :Amara Kaaviyam
Composer: Ghibran
            In Saridhana Saridhana, everything blends so well, be it Yasin Nizar vocals (of yaaro aval from TEN fame),Thomson Andrews gibbers or the energetic rocky guitar tune with nadhaswaram mix in the interludes and instantly catchy lyrics by karky gives the wonderful start for the kickass album. Next comes the poignant Yethetho ennam vandhu, brings together Haricharan and Padmalatha of Aruvakaran fame. Though tune similar to Chillendra Chillendra from TEN and traverses through  islamic traditional song template, the voice by lead singers gives the required punch to make this song arresting listen. Another version of  the same song by Sundar Narayana Rao didn't work as much as the duet version. Ghibran's adeptness is apparent in the way the prelude piano note is handled in Mounam pesum. The evergreen Chithra's whispery voice and contrasting chorus portions along with piano notes in the interludes is a treat to listen.

    Dhagam theera, after few listens this became my favourite song of the soundtrack, and it works mostly due to rendition by Padmalatha which evokes pain quite well similar to porale by swarnalatha. The classical chorus portion by Yasin Nizar and the minimal violin at the background is an additional asset to this track. Particularly loved the first interlude. Finally come the haunting melody Deva Devathai, only song which i feel matches with the 80's setting of the film, that too only tune wise and in the arrangement wise Ghibran gives us the thrilling sounds creating a wonderful ambience. Loved the violin in the second interlude.

Verdict: Ghibran delivers the every album with consistent top notch quality work. With Amara kaviyam, expectations for uthama villain and Vishwaroopam increased multifold.

Pick of the album: Whole album

My rating:9/10