Sunday, October 26, 2014

Music Review (Hindi) : Happy Ending

Music Review (Hindi) : Happy Ending
Music Composer: Sachin-Jigar

Happy ending opens with  Mileya Mileya, breezy with jazz led instrumentation in the classy vocals of Rekha Baharadwaj in contrast with Priya andrews vocals ably supported by composer Jigar itself. Solo saxophone in the interludes are brilliant enough to make this an enticing listen. Rekha's voice for this duet is the core highlight of this song. Paaji Tussi such a pussy cat with its hilarious Amitabh bhattacharya lyrics and trumpet led brass orchestration along with alluring strings in the interludes is a funky listen in the lines of Sachin-Jigar's wacky fun filled songs.

Composer rehashes their D for Dopidi telugu song for the duet Jaise Mera Tu here again with whispery Priya Saraiah vocals supported by contemporary composer's favourite Arijith singh (loved the humming part in the second interlude). Duo delivered the brilliant accordion/harmonium led orchestration with heavy brass drums created the wonderful ambience. Again duo entered their dominion with party song G Phaad ke which is enough punchy to scorch the dance floors in every party. Divya Kumar and Shefali Alvares delivered enthusiastically with their thumping vocals. Khamma Gaani rides mainly on the Papon's soothing voice backed by Smitha and Vidhi. Composer duo arranges the instruments with breezy guitars and soft drumming to support papon's laid back singing. Haseena Tu Kameena mein, works mainly because of lead vocals especially Siddharth basru, Rahul Pandey and Shruthi pathak. Duo adorned this peppy tune with whistles and saxophone in the first and second interludes respectively.

Verdict: Sachin Jigar came with a fun filled, peppy album after the string of middling works in 2014.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the album: Jaise Mera Tu, Mileya Mileya, Paaji Tussi

You can listen to the songs below