Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Music Review: Raunaq (Indian Album)

Music Review: Raunaq (Indian Album)
Music Composer: A R Rahman

In Laadli, Lata Mangeshkar's age factor is quite apparent in her vocals and Rahman uses her voice minimal, giving the simple yet beautiful classic portions to the chorus. Rahman enters into the foray with his high pitched singing and usage of mild tabla throughout the song accentuates well with the flow of the song. Kho Jaayein Hum is a recitation of Kapil SIbal's poetry by Shweta pandit and Jyoti and Rahman uses the minimal orchestration prevailed by vocals. 

Geet Gaaon, a somber melody adorned with Jazz flavored orchestration by Jonita Gandhi is an exciting listen. Particularly usage of sitar in the interludes and minimal strings throughout the song blends perfectly with Jonita's breezy vocals. Jonita gandhi is getting similar type of songs from Rahman but not a problem though. Aabhi Jaa, another song with a soulful rendition by Jonita gandhi orchestrated beautifully with flute in the prelude, mandolin in the middle followed by percussions and sweeping strings towards the end. K S Chitra joined with A R Rahman after a long gap for Sach Kahoon and she sounds so enticing as always for the simple pleasant filmy tune. Khatta meeta rides high on the punchy chorus along with brilliant usage of strings is an excellently arranged song in Mohith chauhan's vocals. Kismat se, fairly ordinary tune works because of Shreya goshal's singing and some nice touches in the orchestration by Rahman results in average track in the whole album.

Verdict: Raunaq is a filmy album with nice compostions by A R Rahman but lacks enough punch for multiple listens

My Rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Sach Kahoon, Aabhi Jaa, Laadli