Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Music Review(Tamil): Poojai

Music Review(Tamil): Poojai
Music Composer : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Devathai, the tune traverses along with strong deja-vu feeling associated with the song albeit certain musical touches by Yuvan like whistle, guitar portions, chorus portion along with power packed vocals by Nivas makes this song engaging to some extent. Ippadiye is a middling folky kuthu number arranged with electronic sounds but for the interesting second interlude. Rahul Nambiyar and Mili Nair did adequate job in vocals. Odi Odi, pulsating number by Palakkad Sriram with punchy percussions to spruce up the heroic image for vishal however fails to clasp the listeners ears. Soda Bottle appears like typical hero's introduction song in Hari's movies and rustic vocals of Antony Dasan, Yasin and sathyan unable to make this song enticing. Uyire, short pathos by Yuvan with typical tune and yuvan's voice suited for this melancholic number surprisingly. Verarum, duet by Karthik and Pooja is  again a standard tune but somewhat better compared to the other tracks in the album  and rides mainly on the vocals of Karthik. Yuvan arrangements are simple with tavil throughout the song and impressive first interlude.

Verdict: Yuvan again fails to deliver listenable album and we have to wait for his comeback soundtrack. however we cannot expect better musical from Hari movies.

My rating: 6/10

Pick of the album: Verarum, Devathai