Monday, November 10, 2014

Music Review (Tamil) : Kaadu

Music Review (Tamil) : Kaadu
Music Composer: K

Ettu thikkum, energetic song rides mainly on thumping percussion throughout the song sung with enough spirit by Anand Aravindhakshan. Composer K's penchant for strings are evident in the orchestration. Onna pathi, a laid back relaxed tune handled by Haricharan with his exquisite singing and composer garnished the song with flute and motley of soothing sounds to set the right mood for the song. Oororam folkish song about village people by Anitha Karthikeyan and Jayamurthy in their respective versions is a passable run of the mill tune filled with austere sounds confined to the genre of the song. Uchi Malai Kaadu too folky tune by Maghizhini Manimaraan comparatively better than previous songs in the same genre because of the enticing sounds throughout the song and deftly handled interludes for the folk song. Uchi Malai kadu comes in another version with same orchestration except for the lead vocals by Vaikom Vijayalakshmi is equally good. Uyire, best song in the soundtrack  is a pleasing, neatly arranged tune by K starts with beautiful string section and interludes. Madhu Iyer did a splendid job with her vocals.

Verdict: Composer K delivers another album similar to Mahabalipuram where melodies stand apart among the other songs.

Pick of the Album: Uyire, Onna pathi, Uchi Malai Kaadu

My rating:6.5/10