Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Music Review (Telugu): Gaddam Gang

Music Review (Telugu): Gaddam Gang
Music Review: Achu

My dear sweety, is an engaging jazzy piece with interesting use of trumpets cum drums led orchestration especially second interlude. The vocals by Achu, mix of funky and breezy rendition aids well the tune. Vathava vadhantava, is shoddy compared to  Come na come from Soodhu Kavvum however sprightly rendition by the Tamil composer saves this song from laborious listen. Kasu Cashu dubbu, telugu equivalent of Kasu Panam from Soodhu kavvum and in this song Achu manages to hold the listener with catchy choli ke peeche kya hey hook and funny lyrics accentuates the further craziness of the song. Achu also uses the background sounds from the original. Achu returns to another jazzy fusion in Mama douser's Telugu version Chirigi Chattayindhi. Both tune and M M Manasi voice along with jazz genred instruments work well in tandem results in another eccentric song. Gaddam Gang theme is energetic on its own way but when compared to splendid Tamil version theme this one is slight disappointment.

Verdict: Achu considerably did well and came out with tunes with enough wackiness but still soodhu Kavvum tunes are better.Comparisons are inevitable in remakes and that too with standards set by Santosh Narayanan.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: My dear Sweety, Kasu Cashu dubbu, Chirigi Chattayindhi