Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Review (Tamil) : Lingaa

Music Review (Tamil) : Lingaa
Music Composer: A R Rahman
       En Mannava, a slow bollywood type of duet with interesting interludes including classical pieces with sitar, percussions etc for vairamuthu's period lyrics albeit tune is much ordinary. Aditya paul's sweet vocals is ably supported by Srinivas. Another anthemic song by Rahman, Indiane Vaa with high pitched vocals evokes memories of many similar compositions by Rahman itself. Vairamuthu's inspirational lyrics to bring back unity in water problem is apt. The pathos Unmai Orunaal Vellum by Haricharan is a heavily average track except for interludes and tune unable to clasp the listener till end despite much effort by singer. 
       Soundtrack's best are the remaining two songs. Rahman chooses retro gangster styled intro Oh Nanba for superstar Rajinikanth with superb brass section and Arabic styled percussions throughout the song infused with techno elements. Moreover SPB's energetic rendition blends well with the Aaryan's rap portions and chorus. It's quite after a long time, Rajini's intro song appeals most than other songs in the soundtrack. The next best song is Mona Gasolina, which has quite eccentric tune with catchy lyrics by Madhan Karky and singers Mano, Tanvi shah and Neeti Mohan added more craziness to the song with their rendition. Mano came back with a interesting song for Rahman and Mozart added techno sounds with appealing thavil and other assorted sounds especially chords section.

Verdict: Two songs by Rahman elevates the overall level of the superstar's soundtrack.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Oh nanba, Mona gasolina, En Mannava