Saturday, February 21, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Ayirathil Iruvar

Music Review (Tamil): Ayirathil Iruvar
Music Composer : Bharadwaj

Ammane Ammane, has lyrics of the conventional Amman song but Bharadwaj gave different treatment for the arrangement and sound which is pleasant to hear unlike typical loud garish stamped Amman songs.Manga Peesula Manga is faux- Kuthu styled song where both Aravind- Deepika voices are sweet and instruments through slowed down but arrangements are corny. Ponna Pathi Sollava has likeable tune especially prelude portions with middle eastern touches in arrangement, prolific Karthik behind the mic but lyrics are cheesy and mediocre. Thirunelveli Thirunelveli is short and nothing new to offer with synthesized electronic sounds. In Unnai Enni, Bharadwaj touches are apparent, beautiful tune directly takes us back to his heydays along with sweeping orchestration throughout the song and MK Balaji vocals also enticing. Yelay by initial prelude thought as carnatic electronic fusion but song turns into unusual package from the processed voice of Sreedevi and Bharadwaj behind the vocals. Tune is likeable in some portions and flute bits are awfully interspersed among other motley of sounds. Yen Uyirey is short romantic solo rides mainly on vocals of the female lead.

Verdict: Bharadwaj always delivers his best for Saran and Ayirathil Iruvar is no different Bharadwaj's best in recent times but nowhere close to combo's gems Parthen Rasithen or Gemini.

My rating:7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Unnai Enni, Yelay, Ponna Pathi Sollava