Friday, February 6, 2015

Music Review (Kannada) : Vaastu Prakaara

Music Review (Kannada) : Vaastu Prakaara
Music Composer: V Harikrishna

Besara Kaatara is typical Harikrishna's romantic song in the vocals of his usual associate Sonu Nigam and he aces as usual in singing despite templatized orchestration which Hari uses many times in his previous songs. Kabaddi Kabaddi is short punchy song fends without leaving much impact. In Menage Naaku moole rides mainly on the alluring interludes and spirited singing of an enchanting tune by Tippu. Vaastu Prakaara seems to be an election song dominated by reciting funny lyrics interspersed with languishing song portions by rendered by V Harikrishna. Simply met her has an appealing European flavour in arrangements using guitar, accordion bits and drums but Harikrishna's laid back rendition which is not half interesting as orchestration makes this mediocre song. Bidalle, melancholy song rides high on Vijay Prakash's immaculate singing  and HariKrishna kept the orchestration minimal with engaging veena portion in the second half.

Verdict: V Harikrishna's albums nowadays is templatized like Harris Jayaraj in Tamil although still his melodies are listenable.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Besara Kaatara, Bidalle, Simply met her