Saturday, February 28, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Yevade Subramanya

Music Review (Telugu): Yevade Subramanya
Music Composer: Radhan & Ilayaraja

Beautiful Zindagi, a la mode cool optimistic song in the exciting vocals of Nikitha Gandhi bolstered by funky sounds, superb guitar strums throughout the song along with the chorus. Now its sort of trend to mix Sitar amidst rocky sounds and Idhera too follows the template, nevertheless fully enjoyable track in Mohit Chauhan's voice.Occasional whistling reminds me the song from Enakkul Oruvan by Santosh Narayanan. Nuvvu Nuvvu Kadhu has typical party track tune wise, but Radhan spruced the ordinary tune with engaging instruments like trumpet, Nadhaswaram in the middle of electronic sounds. Oh Kala, another arresting melody with waltzy sounds, Symphonic Orchestrations and grand Piano sounds joined by superb violin-Tabla combo in the second Interlude. Harini's pitch perfect dreamy rendition for this wonderful melody accentuated the mood of the song to another level. Title Track Yevade subramanya is also another typical  racy song with electronic sounds mixing (Harmonium touch in the prelude is nice though) and sung with enough ebullience by Ramy. Challa Gaali Thakuthunna is a rehash of Ilayaraja's yesteryear beautiful composition and still tune sounds pleasant as ever that is the special magic of Ilayaraja songs. Ilayaraja modernised the orchestration with beautiful piano sounds and trendy violin towards the end. Though singers Senthil & Rihitha done a commendable job, didn't match the original's Ilayaraja voice.

Verdict: Radhan delivered another wonderful album with both melodies and fast-paced songs after super hit Andhala Raksashi.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Oh Kala, Challa Gaali Thakuthunna, Idhera, Beautiful Zindagi