Saturday, March 28, 2015

Music Review (Malayalam): You Too Brutus

Music Review (Malayalam): You Too Brutus
Music Composer: Roby Abraham

In Ettum Pottum, Roby Abraham builds rhythm with hard pulsating rock base which is quite frenzy and Vineeth Sreenivasan pulls off the song with his splendid vocals. Guitar solos by Mithun Raju of Thaikkum bridge fame in the interludes is damn good. Saarangiyil too has lovely guitar base throughout the song but in contrast to the first song, this one is soft rock supported by Job Kurian's vocals and adorned with amazing keys cum guitar combination in the interludes. Azhalinte has trippy arrangements accentuated by autotuned Roby's vocals throughout the song. On top of that Roby packaged the song with enticing sounds like Idakka, bell sounds, trance electronic sounds. Interesting thing is composer digressed from using typical sounds for the song which has kind of voodoo (or some other thing) aura around it. In Chiriyude Pinnil, Roby mixes Jazzy flavoured trumpets and live drums embellished by lovely sax beautifully with mesmerizing vocals of Madonna Sebastian. Tune reminds some of the sensual yesteryear songs by Ilayaraja. Song gets much better with its faster buoyant reprise version mixed with guitar riffs. Once again Madonna Sebastian allures with her spotless rendition.

Verdict: You too Brutus album is enough to follow Roby Abraham's future works. Wonderful eclectic soundtrack from the composer.

My rating:8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Whole album