Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Music Review (Tamil) : Muni3 aka Kanchana 2

Music Review (Tamil) : Muni3 aka Kanchana 2
Music Composer: Leon James, Sathya, Thaman, Ashwamithra

In Muni3, Raghavan opts for 4 composers instead of only Thaman who is part of Kanchana. Let's check whether too many cooks spoils or savors the soundtrack.

Sandi Muni:

Sandi Muni, composed by Leon James, band mate of Anirudh starts off in a jarring note but turns out better as the song progresses because of slightly listenable interludes dominated by synth sounds. Haricharan rendered the pedestrian lyrics penned by Viveka with enough verve and bolstered the run of the mill conventional tune.
Vaaya Veera:
Leon James's second song in the soundtrack is significantly superior to the first one. Shakthishree Gopalan's recent songs in every album stand out from the other songs in the soundtrack and in Muni3 also her dreamy vocals complemented by enjoyable tune is accentuated by tabla in the background throughout the song and soothing strings in the second interludes.
Sillatta Pillatta:
Sillatta Pillatta is another humdrum, hugely disappointing track from composer Sathya and he  interspersed brass section sounds with Saavu Kuthu template. Despite Jagadeesh Kumar ebullience vocals, this song fails to clasp the listener. Logan lyrics also insipid and irksome.
Motta Paiya:
Surprisingly, Thaman gave melody track in the album without any punchy percussion usually one can associate with him. Thaman's arrangement and tune reminds Imman's latest trademark style with sweeping strings in the interludes and minimal percussion throughout the song. However ever- reliable Chitra and Sooraj Santhosh vocals adds enough appealing factor to the song.
Moda Moda:
Moda Moda starts off ambitiously but soon mired into boring repetitive template with morbid sounds in the background. Only solace is intermittent string sections and master Sriram Roshan vocals too didn't add any value to the song.

Verdict: Overall Muni3 is a bland and an uninspiring soundtrack barring two melodies despite multi-composer soundtrack, which is rare in Tamil movies.

Pick of the album: Vaaya Veera, Motta Paiya

My rating: 6/10

P.S : Edited version of this review will be available here.