Sunday, March 1, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Uthama Villain

Music Review (Tamil): Uthama Villain
Music Composer: M Ghibran

         Love aa Love aa is a medley of genres, tribal chants and sounds, EDM synthesizer sounds and wonderful percussions in the second interlude mixed together to give scintillating effect to the song. Westernised rendition by Sharanya Gopinath deserves a particular mention. Ghibran is very good in layering multiple sounds in a single track and he extended his capability with this song. Ghibran's collaboration with Padmalatha always creates gems like Aruvakkaran, Dhagam Dheera and Kadhalam Kadavul Mun too displays absolute brilliance from the combo. Ghibran utilised the chimes, mridangam, flute and other assorted sounds in soothing way for this classical number and Padmalatha too pitch perfect with her effortless rendition. Loved the way she sang Konji Konji Sevium Pessidum line with mischievous note. Uthama Villan Introduction (Villupaatu) is an ideal introduction for KamalHassan starts with morsing and shifts in many ways ends in foot tapping high note. Subbu Arumugam - Kamal Hassan is splendid in their singing again topped by Ghibran's effectual arrangements. Saagavaram too starts with morsing and story goes like Kamal pleads the king regarding his immortality. Ghibran mixed the Sword sounds along with Chenda melam and drums to create a wonderful ambience throughout the song.

         Iraniya Nadagam, is a monologue of the well-known story Prahaladhan - Hiranyakashipu- Narasimma Avatharam. But the blissful experience is motley of sounds like brass sections, grand Piano sounds and some classical instruments along with percussions created by Sofia Symphony Orchestra. Once again, Symphony's brilliance is generously displayed in the orchestration of Mutharasan Kadhai to create wonderful listening feel, brilliant amalgamation of Western instruments and Indian Instruments. Sofia Symphony's final masterpiece storytelling soundtrack is Uthaman Kadhai and ends the soundtrack with another engaging track which will surely work well with visuals. In Uthaman, Kadhai Symphony produces haunting notes in tandem with villagers mood who considers uthaman as ghost. Kamal Haasan's words and the manner in which power packed words delivered by him deserves special mention in those tales.  Uthama Villain features another 7 BGM tracks which are beautifully crafted, main theme, Father and Son being the pick of the lot.

Verdict: Musical extravaganza promised by Ghibran  is delivered in stunning manner. Ghibran created the best musical soundtrack in recent times. Surely this year too Ghibran's Album will be album of the year in my blog.

My Rating: 9.5/10

Pick of the Album: Whole Album.