Thursday, April 23, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Kaaval

Music Review (Tamil): Kaaval
Music Composer: G V PrakashKumar

         Aadu Annatha starts off with sublime violin solo but soon mired into templatized kuthu track and even violin solo got strangled amidst other assorted sounds. GVP's tune is engaging although way too predictable and Velmurugan can croon these type of songs with perfection in his sleep also. Malavika Nair and Santosh Hariharan provides enough support to Velmurugan.Natta Nadu Iravula is an easily accessible track with grand piano and soothing violin in the backgrounds which reminds of GV Prakash's Para Para from Neer Paravai. Sanjana Diwakar Kalmanje who sounds like Shreya Goshal is pitch perfect with her vocals and her likeable humming interspersed throughout the song. In Aavaaram Poovukkum, GV Prakash builds around the tribal sound rhythm and even background gives a slight nod to yesteryear hit Aasaiya Kaathula. Megha is splendid with her rustic vocals. Apart from rhythmic background song digressed into country styled string section in the second interlude. Un Kannukulara is another humdrum folk gaana which has nothing special to offer apart from a slight spark in the second interlude. Otherwise, this one is tedious listen even vocals by G V Prakash Kumar and Priya Hemesh becomes tiresome after initial few minutes.Sakka Podu in the vocals of Tipu and Santosh Hariharan starts off like hip hop number but lacks appealing tune apart from sporadic highs in the tune. However song rides mainly on the stupendous guitar riffs throughout the track. Kaaval theme is perfunctory one and it is too short to create any resounding impact on the listeners.

Verdict: Kaaval adds as another mediocre album in GV Prakash's repertoire and it is high time composer should try offbeat to retain his niche place in the industry.

My rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Natta Nadu Iravula, Aavaaram Poovukkum