Thursday, April 23, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Vaa Deal

Music Review (Tamil): Vaa Deal
Music Composer: S Thaman

          Andharu Andharu is run of the mill kuthu track which is predictable throughout the song.Thaman packed the song with the arrangements dominated by punchy percussion and its kind of mishmash of Thaman's Telugu songs. Velmurugan crooned with high spirit and enough ebullience for this pedestrian track. Lyrics by Viveka are passable enough for this track. Vaa Deal is a throbbing track build around rocky base rhythm. Thaman's arrangements are captivating enough although nothing offbeat to offer and also difficult to snub away the Dookudu flavour in the tune. Songs of this genre  are tailor-made for Sooraj Santosh and he delivered perfectly with enough support from a spate of singers. Lyrics by Viveka are also upbeat enough to complement the mood of the song. In Paesi Paesi, Thaman sticks to his formulaic simple melody with minimal beats in the background, instantly likeable chorus portions and alluring strings cum flute combinations in the interludes. Haricharan adds enough charms to the track with his splendid vocals and tune is a cakewalk for him.The deal theme is a slight variant of Vaa Deal track and this one too winsome them which will blend well with the visuals. Sound of deal theme is a foot tapping mix of Thavil- Nadaswaram amidst pulsating percussion and whimsical dialogue in the midway.

Verdict: Conventional and Passable soundtrack from Thaman rides high with one engaging melody.

My rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Paesi Paesi, Vaa Deal