Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Dochay

Music Review (Telugu): Dochay
Music Composer: Sunny M R

        Nacchite Ye Panaina, starts off on a retro'ish note but turns out to be a routine dance track one can expect in Telugu movies except for some catchy interludes in the middle. Arijit Singh has done a commendable job in vocals. Okkariki Okkaram seems to be an extension of the previous song, again rides heavily on the vocals of Shalmali Kholgade and it's quite difficult to brush off Swamy Ra Ra hangover in certain portions despite catchy sounds by Sunny M R. Sunny M R digressed to rock base rhythm in Raana Raana instead of synthesised electronic sound and Arijit Singh to support him however orchestration is jarring at some places apart from slight novel touches like James bond sound towards end. Arijit Singh's final song in the soundtrack He is mosagadu is enticing. Thanks to grungy guitar riffs and funky arrangements equally complemented by Arijit. Anthony Dasan's full-fledged Telugu song What is this bossu didn't hit the right chords and the tune lingers very much which makes this one boring and random one in the album. Title song is another extension of Swamy Ra Ra tune apart from ominous interludes and Sunny MR's part towards the end is appealing. Final song in the soundtrack, Villain is enticing and classical meets country styled orchestration with banjo (or mandolin), bag pipes and also wonderfully sung by Partha sarathy.Soundtrack's highlight are the remaining two songs. Shalmali Kholgade's second song Aanati Devadasu, fares better than her first song and composer builds the song around an enticing rhythmic tune complemented by Sunny's catchy yet unique templates. Hayi Hayi has Arijit Singh to deliver an impeccable rendition along with sing-along tune to bolster further peppiness of the track. Lovely violins, string sections and rhythmic background is an additional highlight of the track.

Verdict: Sunny M R prefers to stay in his comfy zone. Dochay is just an extension of the composer's Swamy Ra Ra and  Rowdy fellow. With nine songs techno sounds overloaded too much on the listeners.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Hayi Hayi, Aanati Devadasu, He is Mosagadu, Villain